His patience, his love

Every road I traveled,

eventually led me back to you. 

In the ten years we spent apart, you crossed my mind from time to time. Your face filled my thoughts at the rarest moments, as I wondered where you ended up and how you were doing.

Unfortunately because how things ended when we were younger, a void I did not know needed filling, stayed that way for way too many years. That void was the friendship we built in high school, a foundation that I now know never could be broken even during the years we did not speak.

At the young age of 16, you left an everlasting imprint on my heart. You showed my heart the power of love, the impact a friendship could have on someone. You were my high school sweetheart, the first boy I let into my world.

Still to this day when I hear Metallica playing on the radio, it brings me back to you and the times we spent playing cards on the patio. And to think, that is just one beautiful memory that often times leaves me smiling.

Fast forward to 2009, as a man, you have changed my world completely. I have grown leaps and bounds because of you.

A breakup that I once thought was the end of the world turned into the biggest blessing. That breakup brought me back to you. That foundation we started a decade earlier, quickly resumed as we filled each other in on the time we spent apart.

The healing began. You let me lean on you through a very trying time. Because of you and your patience, the old me resurfaced again. The old me that went into hiding for almost a decade gained her confidence.

I will never forget the embrace you gave me when we finally parted ways the day we went out to lunch. That hug sent me on a journey back to my teen years in a matter of seconds. That hug reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

Jason you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have shown me unconditional love. A love that has opened my eyes. A love that continues to guide me as we ride this journey of life together.

One of the many reasons why I love this man, his attention to detail.

Sometimes he can sense how I’m feeling before it hits me by knowing and understanding how I react to situations, the shift in my mood, the looks I give without realizing, my demeanor and the tone in my voice.

Because Jason know’s me so well, I always feel safe when I’m with him.

He knows how to calm me down. He knows just what to say to make whatever I’m feeling in that moment disappear. The patience he showcases in those situations is why the calmness takes hold of me. I can feel the love radiating from him when I hear his calming words, or his touch.

Last night was just another example of how in-tuned Jason is to my world, my experiences, my overall well-being.

Jason and I went to an acoustic Nonpoint concert at Capone’s in Johnson City. It was an amazing show for so many reasons.

When we started dating again in 2009, Jason introduced me to Nonpoint for the first time. A month after we began dating we went to a concert in Cape Coral after I got free tickets. We still talk about that night. Most of the time all we have to say is that Nonpoint concert and we both start shaking our heads and laughing.

Although Jason took me to my first concert while we were in high school, that Nonpoint concert was the first concert I really felt. The sounds of the drums and guitars really grabbed a hold of me, as the lyrics spoke to me.

Last night’s show was amazing. Usually Nonpoint puts on a high energy concert, but last night it was low key as they transformed their music into an acoustic version. I heard every lyric as I watched fingers strum the guitar creating a sound that triggered my feet to begin moving and my hips swaying to the beat.

There truly is no better feeling then listening to music live. I love watching a band translate the songs meaning during a live show.

After the concert ended, the band made a presence near the front door of Capone’s. A line quickly formed as the band posed with one fan after another for a picture. Yep, Jason took my picture with the band, which was awesome. I had the opportunity to tell them that I loved their music and it is great motivation while I run!

It was a great night with Jason. Another night we will talk about for years to come. Another memory I will hold close to my heart.

I will forever be grateful that I was blessed with such a caring, loving, funny man who fully enjoys life.


A week ago today, my life changed.

I was still asleep when Jason came upstairs into our bedroom and said “Meghan,” which scared me awake. I was in a really deep sleep. He said come on I need your help. I got out of bed, got dressed and walked outside. I was greeted by two adorable little puppies eager to have human attention.

Jason said when he went outside, he started talking to our neighbor, when two puppies came walking from around the back of the building. These two puppies, one female and one male, still had their collars on. They were shaking and looked very scared. My heart instantly broke. These two little puppies were lost. I picked them up and embraced them, trying to get the shaking to stop. After a few minutes, I went back inside and got my shoes, so we could take them up the hill and try to find its owners.

You see, our place is kind of isolated on top of a hill. Our driveway is pretty steep, an incline from the bottom to the top. From our place there is another hill up where there are more houses.

Jason picked up one of the puppies and I picked up the other and we were on our way to hopefully find the owners. We started our climb up the little hill with puppies in tow, both still shaking. That morning it was kind of cold, but I’m almost certain their poor little nerves were also causing the shakes.

Jason went to a about a half a dozen doors, knocking and asking if the puppies were theirs. Unfortunately, door after door, we received the same answer, no, we have never seen them. One gentleman said no one on the street had any dogs.

Our hearts heavy, we walked back to our place and brought the puppies inside to get them out of the cold weather.

I sat on the floor in the kitchen and both puppies snuggled in my lap. They almost instantly fell asleep. These poor things were worn out. We had no idea how much traveling they did, or how long they have been outside.

As I sat on the floor, the puppies began to stop shaking, as they were snuggled up against each other.

Jason called our landlord to let her know about the puppies because she only allows cats inside her building. She also is a huge animal lover. Vickie often times stops while driving when she sees an animal on the side of the road and helps bring it to safety. She also has many animals at home that she has rescued. So we figured, why not give her a call, let her know of the situation and ask if she had any numbers to rescue groups.

Jason called both of the rescue groups. One of them called back. Since the puppies found us, this woman told us we have to exhaust all of our options before she can pick them up, foster them, and find a forever home for them.

At this point, Jason was pressed for time. He had to leave for work shortly. I also had a full day of work that I had to get accomplished to meet all my deadlines. We were stumped. What were we going to do with these precious puppies? We guessed they were only about three months old.

After me freaking out a little bit, Jason and I decided to take the puppies up to the shelter because we heard it was a no kill shelter. We put both puppies in Jason’s car and went up the street. As I followed him in my car, since he had to go straight to work afterwards, I started to cry. Tears began to fill my eyes as I fought them back, so I could see where I was driving. My gutt was telling me this wasn’t a good idea. Jason too had the same feelings.

We pulled into the parking lot and Jason went to find someone to talk to about the puppies. I went to his car and tried to calm the puppies down again. As he walked back to the parking lot, I saw it in his face. His look told me he was not comfortable about the situation. The workers at the shelter were rude, outside smoking, and weren’t interested in what he had to say. We went to the front door and a woman came out, gave Jason a clipboard with a piece of paper that he had to fill out. This woman took one of the puppies and started to pet and kiss it while Jason started to fill out the form. He got to a certain point, stopped and asked if it was a no kill shelter. She said low kill. We then found out most of the dogs inside were sick. Jason pulled the piece of paper off the clipboard and said, sorry, I can’t leave them here. She of course said she understood. I gave her my business card with all my contact information and Jason wrote on the area of where the puppies were found. I asked her to call me if anyone called the shelter looking for the puppies. She also said she would let the neighboring shelter know of the puppies as well.

So, now I had two puppies on my hands and Jason had to go to work.

We put both of the puppies in my car. I gave Jason a hug, which was such an incredible embrace. He told me he was sorry and we will figure something out. He kissed my neck as we said I love you. I will never forget that embrace. It was exactly what I needed to calm down.

I got in the car, backed up as Jason and I said goodbye one last time.

Once the puppies and I arrived back at home, both of them had become sick in the car. So, I cleaned up their mess as best as I could, gave them another chance to go to the bathroom and took them inside.

My heart was so heavy. I felt incredibly sad for these puppies who had clearly been through a lot. I got a towel out of the closet, laid it on the floor of my office and closed the door. I wanted to give our kitties free range of our home, since they were not too excited to have two puppy visitors.

I sat down at the computer as they cuddled up with each other on the blanket and instantly fell asleep. I called the local newspaper and put an ad in the paper. The ad, she told me would run for three days.

I also posted an ad on Craigslist.

I checked everything off my list that I had to do to get the word out that these two sweet, innocent puppies were found.

When Jason got home later that night he had a plan in place. His boss said he was more than happy to take the puppies in until we found the owners. You see, I had a full day of interviews on Wednesday and Jason had to work as well. I didn’t want to leave the puppies at our house with no kennel to put them in while we were away. We didn’t want to upset our cats as well.

So, Jason came home, got changed out of his work clothes and we were headed out the door again. I laid the towel on my lap and then both dogs, as Jason drove us to his bosses house. The female curled up on my lap as the male stood over her with his nose in my neck as I calmed the poor thing down. This is how it stayed for almost the entire way to their temporary home.

As we walked through the door of Chris’s house, my heavy heart started to feel a little better. Chris and his family instantly became excited about these puppies and showed them so much affection. I knew we put them in good hands while we waited to hear something from its owners.

As Jason and I drove back home, my arms felt empty and my heart became heavy again.

Jason found the dogs before 10:30 that morning . . . it was after 9 p.m. and we had not heard from anyone looking for these puppies.

The next morning we both went about our day, with my mind completely scattered as I thought about these puppies. When Jason came home, he said he found two homes for the puppies if the owner did not contact us.

Thursday came and went with no calls of someone missing their puppy. I did receive one call from Craigslist, but they were looking to purchase the puppies.

By this point, my thoughts turned negative. These poor puppies were dumped. How could someone drop off these poor things? It made me furious. Jason kept trying to calm me down. I cannot believe someone would be that evil. I don’t care if you can’t take care of these sweet puppies, do not drop them off. If it wasn’t for Jason taking them in under our wing, God only knows what would have happened to these poor things.

By Thursday, I wanted to adopt one. I wanted to bring one home and give it a life it deserves. I felt like I had to do something more than putting ads in the paper and finding them homes. I wanted a puppy. I wanted to save this poor innocent life that apparently was not wanted anymore.

So Jason told me if I could convince our landlord of having a puppy and talk to our neighbor to make sure she didn’t mind, I could have a puppy. So I called Vickie and told her what I hoped to do. She said she would have to talk to our neighbors and see if they were okay with it and she would let me know. She said she was fine with us having the puppy, as long as we followed a few of her rules, all of which we would do anyway.

On Friday, we both went about our day. Jason went to work and I finished the last couple of articles that were due. We began talking about dinner and made a list for the store of items we needed.

With the weather warm again, Jason decided to use the grill for dinner.

Jason put chicken and a few veggies on the grill, as I started the rice and the biscuits inside. Once the food was done cooking, Jason cleared off our TV tray, put a candle on it and turned off the living room light as we put our meal on the table. This completely blew me away. Really, a candle lit dinner? I have such a sweet man. Jason had planned an incredibly sweet romantic dinner for us. We also turned on some music and began eating.

That’s when the text came through  . . .

The emotions that ran through me as I read that text, immediately showed. I couldn’t contain the excitement. Our landlord said we can bring a puppy home. Jason immediately sent a text to Chris asking if we could stop by and pick up the little female puppy.

Well, our romantic, incredibly sweet dinner came to a stop. I couldn’t control my excitement. We were out the door on our way to bring a puppy home.

IMG_1491Meet Lucy. She is the newest member of our crazy little family. I can’t even put into words how much joy this little puppy has brought into my life since last week. She has such a sweet temperament and is completely mellow.

IMG_1490She absolutely loves to play outside. As soon as a leaf starts to roll, she goes running trying to catch it.


IMG_1500It feels incredible to have a dog once again. It’s been many years, since I have lived with one. Lucy has made me think a lot about Samson, the family golden retriever that touched all of our lives.

I am so glad we were able to give this precious, kind-hearted puppy a home. Lucy has enriched my life in so many ways and we have only had her a few days.

The good news is her sibling, the male puppy, will soon go to its permanent home soon too. Until then, he is being loved by Chris and his family.

Found the one

Real life situations speak volumes about an individual … about a couple.

The stress that comes with moving to a new area and making a name for yourself, so funds can begin trickling in  to make ends meet, can be overwhelming and trying.

Yesterday, although hard and extremely stressful, made Jason and I stronger once again. We continue to build upon the foundation we laid almost four years ago, an amazing relationship.

The events of the last few days finally caught up with us, which eventually led to an emotional breakdown.

The embrace I received after the tears started flowing calmed me down instantly. I felt every ounce of love that flowed through Jason’s body and therefore his arms, every bit of positive energy I needed to get my barrings once again. 

When two people have the same goals and dreams for the future, it is easy to stay positive through the dark times. It is easy to feed off of one another’s energy.

Although the stress is high, the nerves are calm because I have a wonderful man by my side. We make a fantastic team, which shines through every obstacle thrown our way.

I honestly have not loved someone this much before. It flows through my blood and the love fills every part of me making my heart smile.

A move can either break you or make you because of the new obstacles that surface. This move has made us stronger, it has shown what we are capable of as a couple.

Because we have each other, anything and everything is positive. Because we have the same dreams things will happen.

I love Jason dearly and am shown every day that I found the man for me. I found the man that brings out the best in me, the man who will do anything for me.

I am happy, my heart and soul are happy. The stresses will subside because of our dedication.

Stole my heart from the beginning

My mom and I made the trip to Tampa this afternoon to spend time with my brother, his wife and two adorable boys.

It is such an incredible feeling to be an aunt. My nephew’s are adorable, they melt my heart every time I see them.

Two months and almost two … either cuddling or playing … how can you go wrong with those ages?

I found myself smiling uncontrollably as I held my youngest nephew tonight. I sat, walked and bounced him as I slowly made the crying disappear. Once the crying stopped, the eye lids became heavy, as his eyes slowly rolled as he fell asleep.

There is just something special about holding a baby, about watching his precious face. The curiosity of seeing new things and the way he molds into my arms are just a few reasons why I love holding my nephew, who is just too beautiful for words.

My older nephew, on the other hand, makes you laugh non-stop with his expressions and his sayings. This little boy is always smiling and always finding ways to make you laugh with him. Tonight as I watched my brother and his son play together my cheeks began to hurt as my eyes watered from the laughter of the moment that kept on going.
Now that he is talking like crazy, adorable conversations are held, which again makes you smile. The best part is when he calls me “Auntie Meghan,” so incredibly cute.

I love being around my nephew’s, they instantly and continuously make me smile. They warm my heart, which in turn makes me forget about everything else in the world.

I fell in love with my nephews the first time I laid eyes on them, which only intensifies every time I see them.

The best part is I have two more nephews, who are now four and almost seven who have had the same impact on my life.

How fortunate am I?

I am so glad I made the trip with mom today. We had some one-on-one time as we drove to Tampa, which was nice as the conversations between us flowed the entire way.

What a great way to spend the second to last weekend before Jason and my move to Tennessee.

Lucky girl

Time after time I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a wonderful man in my life.

Yesterday as we were hanging out with a good friend and all of his buddies, Jason took me aside and shared his feelings, which instantly made my smile grow. Words so powerful, and a look that said more than the words shared filled the space between us. That moment again filled me with so much joy. I know I found the right man for me.

We are counting down the days until our move, which is only 11 days away. As each day goes by, the excitement continues to build as we think about the possibilities that are in store for us. The adventures that will be had, the obstacles we may have to overcome.

It’s amazing how much this move has strengthened our relationship. The support system that has been put onto place is tremendous.

I’m one lucky girl. My heart is filled with so much joy, joy that carries with me through every day life.

I am beyond excited to see what is in store for us.