A few more days

The excitement is definitely building as I count down the days to see some of my family.

Jason and I are meeting my mom and younger sister at my grandparents house Friday before my cousin gets married later that afternoon. It will be a celebration that will certainly attract the majority of my mom’s side of the family.

A weekend of laughter will be had! I’m excited for Jason to meet my aunts, uncles and cousins. He’s already had the pleasure of meeting my wonderful grandparents.

Before mom and I got off the phone yesterday, I said “see you in a few days!” I absolutely loved saying that. We both giggled after the words were shared.

Today marks six months since Jason and I arrived in Kingsport. It’s hard to believe that much time has already passed. Overall, I have to say I haven’t been too homesick.

I’ve moved away from my family before when I traveled to Arizona. I remember always being homesick, always wanting to travel back home.

It just goes to show when you have a strong relationship and you’re happy with where you live, that overwhelming feeling isn’t as intense.

I honestly haven’t missed Fort Myers … but with that said the emotions have finally taken over … I definitely miss family. I’ve had my moments of missing them over the past few months, some moments hit me harder than others. With that said, it’s been pretty intense these last few weeks. I know it’s due to the anticipation of seeing them soon.

This weekend is going to be a great time, four full days with Jason and time spent with Mom, Emily and relatives …

Lost in my own thoughts


Today I went exploring the Kingsport Greenbelt once again – this time in the other direction.

I had to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement, so I could get lost in my own thoughts while taking in the scenery and sounds.

It seems that feeling of being homesick hits me extra hard on the weekends. Yesterday especially, my emotions got the best of me. When I wasn’t working, the weekends were always spent with my mom when I lived in Fort Myers because I only lived miles away from my parents house.

So what occurred today …


I was brought back to my childhood, which made me instantly think of my mom. The deep quacks first got my attention as I was walking down the path, a sound that took me back to the farm in Illinois when I was a young girl. My mom had a pet duck that looked exactly like this, Matilda. That duck used to talk to us all the time, that same deep quack.


I love how everything around me today reminded me of mom … it made me feel like she was right there with me.


This must be why I find myself at the Kingsport Greenbelt on the weekends … to make me feel closer to her.


The path was again breathtaking, but not as covered with the huge lush trees as the other direction. The sound of the water running down the river was as clear as can be, making me thankful I left my earphones at home.


Walking down this path cleared my head and erased some of the homesick feelings I was experiencing yesterday. Nature is the perfect therapy.


No matter what part of Tennessee I am exploring, there is always a spot that grabs my attention and makes me stop dead in my tracks. Today it was the sound of the water and the beautiful view of this particular place. As the bikes, runners and walkers made their way past, I was still glued to this spot. My jumbled thoughts instantly became clear … my mind was free again.


What a beautiful way to become centered again.


Now as I sit on my porch recalling my journey from today a smile spreads across my face once again. Although I still miss my family, the emotion isn’t as extreme anymore.

What a great afternoon.