Extreme comfort

Due to my increased running miles, I finally treated myself to a new pair of shoes on Friday.

My Brooks have been amazing and have lasted a really long time, but were kind of overdue to be retired from the running paths. They carried me through some record-breaking distances and times . . . well to be honest they helped in forming this new passion of mine. Definitely a good pair of running shoes.

Yes, even though these were incredible shoes, I wanted to try a different brand, just to see if there was something better out there that would fit to my needs.

I tend to run a little flat-footed and wanted something that would give me the comfort I so desperately needed. I decided to try on a different brand, one that many of my friends and family already wear, Asics.

I went to three different stores to find that perfect match.

The first stop was unsuccessful and a little discouraging. I set myself a price range to stay under and I was determined not to go over that amount.

I kept positive and traveled to another store . . . which was worse than the first with the selection and the price tags.

The third store, well I had high hopes. If I didn’t find anything there I was going to head home and research different stores I could shop.

As I walked down the many aisles of shoes, I instantly found two that were within my price point and decent looking. I felt like a little girl on Christmas when I found my size in both shoes.

I tried on the Asics Gel-Excite 2 and my feet thanked me. The extreme comfort instantly sent a message from my feet to my brain . . . these were keepers.

20141109_130858I could not believe the amount of cushion these shoes offered. The best part about it all was they were on sale!

I was beaming after I left the store with a bag in my hand. I was super excited to try them out on the Greenbelt, especially since an email reminded me that I had 20 days left until my first 5K race.

Unfortunately Saturday was not the day to take these shoes for a test run. The sun never showed its presence and it was really cold.

Today, oh today, was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and it wasn’t bitter cold.

Just as Jason came home for his break, Lucy and I were heading out the door for our afternoon run. Those few moments of seeing Jason gave me the extra jolt of adrenaline I needed . . . I absolutely love seeing Jason in the middle of the day. You ask why? Well because when he gives me a kiss goodbye and wishes me a good day I am still asleep in bed, since he leaves a few minutes before 5 a.m.

Lucy must have received her inspiration after seeing Jason . . . For the first time since we adopted this little pup, she followed me out the front door shake free and followed me to the car. On a typical day she hesitantly follows me out the door and remains by the door. Almost as if her feet were glued and she couldn’t move another inch. After I opened the car door, Lucy instantly jumped in and was ready to go! I can’t even explain how excited I was watching this all unfold in front of my very eyes. Lucy has been a nervous car rider since the day we adopted her. Maybe, oh maybe . . .

So, as Lucy became situated on my lap, we were off and I felt amazing. I had my new belt secured around my waist and my new shoes were laced up and ready to  hit the path.

There was such a world of difference running this afternoon. The impact of my foot hitting the pavement was not as intense. The cushioning was wonderful.

My legs on the other hand, even with two days off from running, had a mind of their own. Although we did not achieve the distance I wanted to achieve, Lucy and I made it to the Greenbelt and clocked the first 2.29 miles in my new shoes.

I have to admit the best part of the run was stretching once we returned home. My legs are extremely tight, so another round of stretching will happen once again before going to bed tonight.

Tomorrow, my goal is to run 2.5 miles.

Here are a few pictures from our cool down walk.



An uplifting friendship

judy and dave

WildChild Gallery owner Peggy McTeague and Wounded Warrior Anglers of America Inc. founders Judy and David Souders hold an acrylic painting, which depicts their Original “Redfish Poker” Fishing Championship tournament to be held in May. Raffle tickets will become available during Creative Coast Weekend March 8 at WildChild Gallery for the painting.

There is nothing better than meeting a wonderful friend in the middle of the day to enjoy lunch – such great therapy. Anything and everything that was bothering me before our afternoon date, disappeared by the time we said goodbye and went on with our day. I felt refreshed due to the heartfelt conversations and continuous laughter – it’s incredible what good friends can do for your spirit.Although I know I am truly going to miss Judy once my boyfriend and I depart Florida, the bond we have formed will last a lifetime.

The best thing about this wonderful woman is she always seems to sense when I could use a visit.

Yesterday she lifted my spirits – she made my day – with what she shared when she came walking into the office.

Senator Lizabeth Benacquisto sent Judy and her husband a letter in the mail, which included an article I wrote about their organization Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. (http://pineisland-eagle.com/page/content.detail/id/523679/Raffle-to-benefit-Wounded-Warrior-Anglers.html)

I was beyond excited when I read what Senator Benacquisto wrote for the simple fact that she learned about this wonderful organization – Wounded Warrior Anglers – through my writing!! I felt honored and touched beyond belief. The smile that spread across my face, still did not give the emotions I was feeling justice.

Senator Benacquisto wrote “Congratulations, I noticed this story in the paper the other day. I thought you might like an extra copy, so one is enclosed.”

A photograph and caption from the article I wrote “Raffle to benefit Wounded Warrior Anglers,” which appeared in the March 6 Pine Island Eagle, was laminated with a gold seal at the top of the page.

senator2She went on to say “It is my honor to represent you in the Florida Senate and as always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to shape a brighter future for Florida. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if there is anything I can do for you.”

I was welcomed into this couple’s life through a function that brought the community together to honor our servicemen and women. When I sat down and talked to Dave he was just kicking off the organization. As time went on I continued to cover all of the functions the Wounded Warrior Anglers held to bring awareness of what they were doing to the community.

The best part of covering what this organization does, is the amazing impact it had, and still has on my life.

Judy and Dave constantly tell me they would not be where they are without the help of my words, my articles. It gives me goose bumps every time Judy shares this with me. Excitement pours out of me every time they share a new accomplishment, or a new adventure they experienced while out in public sharing their organization’s mission.

I am so incredibly proud of how far they have come with their organization and how many wounded warrior and caregiver lives they have touched.

Like I have said in the past, you hope you touch someone with your writing . . . and you hope people read what you write!

What a rewarding career, especially when you meet people who become dear friends.

I have definitely chosen the perfect career for me.


A few words

Although it was an 11 hour day, it ended with a bang.

Tonight as I covered and attended the Greater Pine Island Civic Association monthly meeting, I was called to the front of the room before the presentations began. As the president of the club announced that I had given my resignation, while handing me a letter of recommendation, all at once the entire room let out an “AH” in disappointment. I think I might have blushed at the response the crowd had given, which led me to say a few words of why I was leaving.

Once it was reveled that the destination was NE Tennessee, they all replied oh she will be back, which was instantly followed by, they will be lucky to have you.

Questions were asked once the meeting concluded of who was going to replace me and if they were going to work as much as I did.

When I first started in 2011, everyone shared with me that I had rather large shoes to fill following the previous editor, who unfortunately passed away rather quickly. As I dedicated countless hours and poured my heart into this weekly newspaper, the tune had changed, as individual’s shared how I will be hard to replace. What an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

When I think I cannot be touched any deeper, another day at work happens and further impacts me. The smiles, which often leave my face hurting, are constantly taking over me, as individuals leave me speechless with their touching comments.

I look forward to continuing my journey at another newspaper, where I will hopefully impact just as many people if not more. It was a ton of fun turning this weekly newspaper into my own, providing information that I too would be interested in reading.

I have definitely chosen the right career; writing is my passion and will always be my passion. How can it not be with a response like this?

The countdown continues to my last day of being the editor of the Pine Island Eagle . . .