A good decision

These last few weeks have been extremely rough and stressful, which finally led me to making a decision – a great decision for me.

I have learned from previous experiences that it is incredibly important to listen to your body, as well as what your brain is telling you. Stress can do a horrible number to your well-being, which reaffirmed it was time. 

Living in a new area can be difficult … working at a new job can be even more difficult… but trying to get along with personalities unlike your own is not always worth the headache.

“Feel better. You are a solid reporter and a good employee.”

These words rang loud and clear as I walked into the office yesterday, a note from an editor I still have the pleasure of working with. An editor who always found work for me no matter what cuts the company made. An editor who I have learned from.

Those words were accompanied by an emotional conversation I had with my mom. An incredible feeling I will never be able to describe in words … the love of a mother and the deep understanding she has for her children. The mood I was in set my mom into motion, which immediately went into a conversation of what had to be done. Although I hate calling her upset, I know I will feel better by the end.

Last but not least, the support from Jason with my decision was what I needed to put things into action.

Yesterday marked the start of yet another journey …

I am grateful I was given the opportunity and proud that I gave a beat outside of my comfort zone a try. A conversation by both of us (my editor and I) was exactly what I needed, a conversation that ended in “no hard feelings” and smiles by all, lifted the weight off my shoulders. I felt like I floated back to my desk. I finalized a decision I consciously made weeks ago.

Next week is my last week at the paper. I gave my notice after realizing the police beat was not for me.

Now it’s time to get back to what I know and continue a passion that began many, many years ago.

The best part is I was given another opportunity to write earlier this week for a weekly newspaper in Tennessee. Hopefully the conversation with the publisher next week will continue along the great path that we have already laid.
I am so glad I listened to myself and made the decision I knew I had to make.

Let the journey continue … 

What a journey . . .

What a journey . . .

These last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions as Jason and I plan our move to NE Tennessee at the end of April. His non-stop working, my endless hours researching and our few hours of seeing each other at the end of the day are finally paying off.

At the beginning of the week I started to make phone calls to all the apartment complexes that fell within our budget and looked appealing. Slowly I crossed places off the list as prices they advertised were more than we were willing to spend. Fortunately one of the complexes steered me in the direction of their sister properties located within the same city.

An email, which appeared in my inbox from the complex assistant manager of the sister property, was promising and the more we exchanged information the more appealing it became.

Today I made a phone call to talk with the assistant manager. That conversation enhanced the excitement I was already feeling for the complex and the apartments floor plan, which includes a fireplace! (Oh the little things that excite me!) This apartment is below our budgeted price and half of the fees that were required at the other complexes were either eliminated or slashed in half. The more we talked the more information she shared about the community and what it had to offer Jason and me in terms of the outdoors. Once again I dealt with someone who was incredibly helpful and willing to track down more information if we wanted.

Now, all we have to do is pay a minimal application fee and complete the form online to secure a place for us to live once May rolls around.

What an invigorating feeling … I am helping pave the path to our new destination. I have accomplished a task I set out to do, providing one less thing for Jason to have to worry about.

With the acceptance of our application and background, we will go from an apartment in SW Florida to an apartment in NE Tennessee.

I am beyond thrilled for our move, for our new adventures, experiences and future this new destination provides us.

It’s a blast to plan our future and slowly cross another thing off of our checklist to make this move become a reality.