Yep, it all became real

Today was the day . . . the day I went to Fleet Feet Sports to pick up my race pack.


The excitement and nerves kicked in all at once as soon as I put the car in drive this morning. I was definitely proud to say the least, especially since I have been contemplating registering for a 5K since my birthday last December.

I cannot believe I am running in my first race tomorrow morning. Me, the girl who hated P.E. The girl who walked the straights and ran the curves of the high school track during P.E. class.

Wow, I have truly come full circle with my love of running. That is where the excitement comes into play.

The nerves, on the other hand, well, they are telling me “What the heck did you get yourself into?”

You see, when I registered a little more than a month ago for my first 5K race, Chase the Turkey, here in Kingsport, the weather was still nice, sunny, warm for the most part. Well things have drastically changed. The local news is forecasting snow in the morning. SNOW! What? This Florida girl is still getting used to walking around in the snow, much less running in it.

Leave it to me to register for my first 5K in the winter, ha!

Set all that aside, it was truly incredible to pick up my bib and long sleeve shirt. I am going to be running alongside other like minded people tomorrow, instead of me and my little puppy.

Yep, it all became real, as she handed me my goodies before leaving.


IMG_2664My emotions, good of course, are every where today, as I set my mind to what tomorrow has in store for me. I hope to calm the nerves in time for the 8 a.m. race Thanksgiving morning and enjoy every mile to the finish line.

I have in essence been practicing for tomorrow since June when Lucy and I took up running on the Greenbelt. Before then it was running on the dreaded treadmill at the gym.

Tomorrow is going to be such a different atmosphere on a path I have not yet run. I definitely think the adrenaline will take care of my legs, instructing them to carry me through the 3.1 miles.

I’m truly excited!

I’m truly nervous!

It’s going to be an amazing way to jump start our first Thanksgiving, just the two of us. Monday night Jason and I made up the menu, yesterday and today I bought all the ingredients. Last year, we had Jason’s mom spend Thankgsiving with us. So, our first Thanksgiving in Tennessee is going to kick off with a bang!!

I’m so glad Jason will be there to cheer me on, that will calm some of the nerves, I hope!