Sneaky kitty

Leo, our kitty, absolutely loves “people” food.

As soon as you turn your back he’s constantly trying to find a way to enjoy whatever you are eating.


Tonight was no different as I left a bag of Chex Mix open next to me on the couch. When I turned around he had his paw in the bag trying to maneuver a tasty treat to enjoy. This little stinker is too smart for his own good.

Unfortunately for him, I caught him before he was successful in getting a piece of food this time.

Great companion

With all the hours my boyfriend works, I never truly feel alone because of this beautiful, sweet cat that never leaves my side.


I’m so glad my boyfriend introduced me to cats and brought them into our lives because they are truly a great companion. I love how different their personalities are and I love listening to their sweet purs when you show them affection.

This kitty, Kimber, is one special part of our family, a great addition for sure.

Our sweet kitty


As soon as I layed down on the couch this morning our buddy instantly jumped on my lap and snuggled with me as I covered with a blanket.

I love the winter months for that reason alone! As soon as the temperatures drop our Florida kitty tries to find the warmest spots to cuddle.

This morning as I walked out of the bedroom he was curled up in one of his beds as my boyfriend left a little space heater on for him.

I love the kind of affection a cat provides … it warms your heart when they decide to snuggle and spend time with you. What a sweet way to start another day with the one and only Leo.