Special bond

Jason and I rescued Leo from a shelter in Naples, Florida on April 29, 2010.

Leo, May 2010.

Leo, May 2010.

Although my family had a few cats when we lived on the farm, and my older sister had a persian, which was not friendly, when I was growing up, I never had a cat that was really my pet.I’ve always had a love for dogs, that has always been my pet of choice. Jason on the other hand, loves cats. One day he saw a sign at the gas station near our house that read free kitties, but when he called they were all gone. This of course got the ball rolling in searching for a cat we could call our own.

It took a while to understand the mentality of a cat, how to coexist in the same space.  Jason and I joke all the time that Leo is our dog, some of his habits and characteristics are not kitty related, they scream dog.

Jason picked a perfect cat for us. His personality is like no other cat I have ever been around.

IMG_1053It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and stressful at times as this kitty and I learned how to live with one another. With that said, over the last few years Leo and have developed a pretty special bond.


I love when he curls up on my lap purring his soothing loud purr, or head butts me so I will pet him or his comical meow when he wants something. Leo has definitely won over a very special place in my heart.

Sneaky kitty

Leo, our kitty, absolutely loves “people” food.

As soon as you turn your back he’s constantly trying to find a way to enjoy whatever you are eating.


Tonight was no different as I left a bag of Chex Mix open next to me on the couch. When I turned around he had his paw in the bag trying to maneuver a tasty treat to enjoy. This little stinker is too smart for his own good.

Unfortunately for him, I caught him before he was successful in getting a piece of food this time.

The talker


I will never grow tired of being greeted at the window and/or door by our kitty companions.

Today when I arrived home from a rather long, hectic day of work, Leo said hello from the window as he saw me get out of the car. As I was pulling groceries out of the back seat of the car it sounded like his meow was coming from right next to me rather than the second floor from a good distance away.

The best part was he continued to say hello as I walked across the parking lot, onto the sidewalk and then up the stairs. The closer I became the fainter his meow.

As I reached for the door, Leo had already jumped down from the window patiently waiting for me to enter our home.

I love how animals make you feel loved.

He instantly put a smile on my face as we continued our conversation into the kitchen. What a great way to be welcomed home.