I finally spotted some . . .

Today after driving to Jonesborough and Gray for a few interviews, I stopped at the library in Kingsport to drop off some books that were due. As I was pulling onto the road that leads me to the library, this beautiful sea of orange, yellow, purple and reds grabbed my attention, especially off of the deep green leaves.

I’ve been waiting to find some tulips since spring began. These are one of my favorite flowers.

IMG_20140409_150418After I parked my car, dropped off my books and wandered around the library for a little while, I went for a walk down the sidewalk, so I could take some pictures. Of course, as I walked closer the beauty of these flowers only intensified.


Once again, nature captured my attention . . .


I love the spring season.

Lost in another world …

imageThere is nothing better than coming home from a day at work and cuddling under the blankets with a great book.

Last week I received an email from the library telling me a book I put on hold was available. An author that I follow – Jodi Piccoult – sent an email last year stating a new release “The Storyteller,” would be released in March. Well, being an avid reader, I instantly put it on hold.

The best part about that email is I completely forgot about the book since it was put on hold last year. Needless to say I was pretty excited to go to the library that day.

This author has an incredible way of grabbing a hold of you and making you think of tough scenarios that you may not have thought about before. Each chapter is dedicated to a different character, giving you more glimpses into that persons thoughts; therefore providing an opportunity to understand their personality more.

Since there are only so many television shows to watch, many repeat episodes that I have seen a bazillion times, the book is opened for endless hours at a time. Well, until I either fall asleep or my boyfriend comes home.

I absolutely love getting lost in another world while getting to know the books characters. On that note, I’m ready to get lost in time, in another world other than my own.