Her voice

This morning I slept in, walked downstairs and curled under a blanket on the couch. I guess I wasn’t ready for the day to begin quite yet. As I slowly came to life, I decided to check my email and was pleasantly surprised by one.

After reading this Hallmark e-card, a few tears fell as I read my mother’s words. That card was right on time, I had the same thoughts.

It’s rare mom and I go a few days without talking through text messages. This week unfortunately our crazy work schedules kept us busy, really busy.

I sent her a thank you text and as the time passed the need to hear her voice consumed me. I picked up the phone and dialed mom’s number. Well the only voice I got to hear was her telling me to leave a voice mail.

Almost as soon as I set my phone  down, her face filled my screen as my phone came to life with that familiar ring. It became apparent how much we both needed to talk, share what was going on in our lives as the conversation continued.

I love this about our mother, daughter relationship, we can talk about anything and everything. Some things I didn’t realize I needed to talk about until it came out during our conversation. I felt so much better once we were done talking, two-hours later. 

Mom is the person I miss the most since we moved to Tennessee. She’s constantly in my thoughts. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small going on in my life, she’s the first person I want to tell.

The other day it dawned on me just how much time we spent together when we lived only minutes away from each other. This time of the year is our favorite as art festivals appear in different locations around Southwest Florida. I miss those days with mom. I miss us seeing our favorite artists and discovering new ones weekend after weekend.

So needless to say our conversation today was much overdue.

I cannot wait until we can see each other in the next few months.

It’s true a mother’s love is like no other.