Lucky girl

Time after time I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a wonderful man in my life.

Yesterday as we were hanging out with a good friend and all of his buddies, Jason took me aside and shared his feelings, which instantly made my smile grow. Words so powerful, and a look that said more than the words shared filled the space between us. That moment again filled me with so much joy. I know I found the right man for me.

We are counting down the days until our move, which is only 11 days away. As each day goes by, the excitement continues to build as we think about the possibilities that are in store for us. The adventures that will be had, the obstacles we may have to overcome.

It’s amazing how much this move has strengthened our relationship. The support system that has been put onto place is tremendous.

I’m one lucky girl. My heart is filled with so much joy, joy that carries with me through every day life.

I am beyond excited to see what is in store for us.

Pictures arrived

While at work this afternoon, my phone sounded letting me know I had an email waiting for me in my inbox.

I was pleasently surprised when I opened that email because it was the one I had been waiting for since Friday …

We received a breakdown of payments, as well as our official address and apartment number for our home in Tennessee. Pictures also graced that email, nine taken from various angles of every room of our soon to be new home. I was so excited to see the wood burning fireplace in our living room, a luxury not needed in SW Florida.

imageI instantly sent Jason a text letting him in on the excitement, a boost both of us needed today. His response was the icing on the cake, a few words that made me instantly smile.

imageUnfortunately for our kitties, the porch is open instead of screened. They will miss their time outside enjoying the scenery and wildlife.

Only 37 more days until we arrive at our new home, a home that has been put on hold with the simple submission of an application. To see pictures of our apartment that we will not see until we move to Kingsport the first of May was just what I needed.

The countdown continues, the excitement builds and the planning moves forward as we slowly say goodbye to a home that brought us back together, SW Florida.

Destination finalized

Today I received the call I was hoping for … the call that said everything is approved!

We are moving to Kingsport, TN with the tentative move in date of May 1. I am beyond excited that I found a place for us to live, a place in a beautiful part of Tennessee that we will be able to explore.

Stephanie, the assistant manager at the apartment complex, called this morning to share the news. I asked if she had pictures of the apartment, which she did not, but immediately offered to go and take some for us. I cannot wait for them to appear in my mailbox.

What a huge thing to cross off of our list before we leave SW Florida.

I am at a loss of words, nothing that I write will fully explain the excitement that I am feeling, the sense of accomplishment that has taken over me.
It goes to show that whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish. I have never been to this part of Tennessee, but yet I have found us a place to live, a place where we will continue to grow.

The excitement has definitely increased tenfold!!

The countdown continues …

What a journey . . .

What a journey . . .

These last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions as Jason and I plan our move to NE Tennessee at the end of April. His non-stop working, my endless hours researching and our few hours of seeing each other at the end of the day are finally paying off.

At the beginning of the week I started to make phone calls to all the apartment complexes that fell within our budget and looked appealing. Slowly I crossed places off the list as prices they advertised were more than we were willing to spend. Fortunately one of the complexes steered me in the direction of their sister properties located within the same city.

An email, which appeared in my inbox from the complex assistant manager of the sister property, was promising and the more we exchanged information the more appealing it became.

Today I made a phone call to talk with the assistant manager. That conversation enhanced the excitement I was already feeling for the complex and the apartments floor plan, which includes a fireplace! (Oh the little things that excite me!) This apartment is below our budgeted price and half of the fees that were required at the other complexes were either eliminated or slashed in half. The more we talked the more information she shared about the community and what it had to offer Jason and me in terms of the outdoors. Once again I dealt with someone who was incredibly helpful and willing to track down more information if we wanted.

Now, all we have to do is pay a minimal application fee and complete the form online to secure a place for us to live once May rolls around.

What an invigorating feeling … I am helping pave the path to our new destination. I have accomplished a task I set out to do, providing one less thing for Jason to have to worry about.

With the acceptance of our application and background, we will go from an apartment in SW Florida to an apartment in NE Tennessee.

I am beyond thrilled for our move, for our new adventures, experiences and future this new destination provides us.

It’s a blast to plan our future and slowly cross another thing off of our checklist to make this move become a reality.

Endless phone calls

As soon as I woke this morning I began calling endless apartment complexes in the Tri-City area, so my boyfriend and I will have a place to live once we move.

Although the internet is a wonderful thing to have, I become hesitant from time to time because I do not know exactly what the property or surrounding area looks like. This is one of the reasons I wanted to call each complex and get a feel for those working in the office, as well as ask questions about the area.

So, as I went down the list we had comprised of what we found, I slowly began crossing some off as they did not accept pets or wanted the cats to be declawed before moving into our new home.

After making six phone calls, I decided to make one more before taking a break and going for a run.

That seventh call gave me all the hope in the world. I left a message on the answering machine of this particular complex in Kingsport. About an hour later I received a phone call back from a girl who was born and raised in the area. She was incredibly sweet and her accent was adorable. We spent a good 15-20 minutes, if not longer, on the phone not only talking about the monthly rent, security deposits and what the complex had to offer, but also what the community that had to offer.

As she found out a little more about Jason and I and what our plans were, she instantly began giving me websites of places to look for jobs, as well as information of where we could go hiking and enjoy the outdoors.

Before we got off the phone, she told me she would email me information, as well as send my contact information to her three sister properties in the same area, so I would have that information as well. She also encouraged me to call her if I wanted any additional information about this community.

If she is an indication of what the people are like in the Tri-City area, I am ready to make it my new home. Her personality kept our conversation going, it kept the questions flowing, which in turn helped me find out a little more information about the area.

My excitement of the area instantly grew as she shared the endless opportunities to go hiking and explore the outdoors. I only wish I could share that excitement with Jason in person, instead of through texts, since he will not be home until much later.

The excitement builds as the countdown of seven weeks before we move continues . ..