The first issue

Last night before going to bed Jason noticed that the water heater in the downstairs half bath was leaking. Yep, there was a good amount of water around the bottom of the heater. So, we put a towel down and sent an email to our landlord.

And our first issue at our new home begins …

This morning she sent me a text saying she was going to stop by and check it all out. Luckily she stopped when Jason came back with another truck load of our stuff, so he could tell her what was going on and help set a plan into motion.

It was crazy for a few hours … Charter was here hooking up cable, internet and phone, as our landlord was talking to a good friend of ours from Florida about what could be wrong with the water heater. It turned out that the entire thing had to be replaced.

So, unfortunately our day of getting organized did not turn out as we had planned.

Jason has spent the majority of the afternoon, well night too, draining the water from the water heater and getting the new one ready to take the old ones place. I’m happy to say, the new one is now in the bathroom waiting for installment.

I love how Jason dives into the jobs and gets it done. He is a trooper that is for sure. Two days of moving and now replacing a heater, he just keeps on going.

Although it was our first obstacle, it was easy working with our landlord. She’s a very easy person to deal with and an easy to talk to as well.

On a good note …

Tonight while Jason was working his magic, I went back to our old apartment to grab a few small things. That drive into the old complex made me really appreciate where we live now. Instead of living in a complex of more than 200 units, we now live on a little hill with three neighbors, yep THREE! It’s private, quite and homey.

I really like our townhouse.

I absolutely love having an office! I had my first phone interview and really enjoyed knowing I was sitting at my desk in my very own room. Although I set up some of my office, I still have a little more to go to make it my own.

Yesterday and today have been crazy, hopefully the rest of the week tones down a little bit.

Done deal

This morning sealed the deal, we made a deposit for a cute little townhouse not far from where we live now.

Yep, the townhouse that was our first choice! We met with the landlord yesterday and all of our personalities clicked. She seems to be a very nice woman.

I’m really excited about this move. It will be different climbing stairs, but it will be nice to have the bedrooms upstairs and the living room and dining room downstairs.

It’s going to be fun watching our two cats run up and down the stairs. I’m sure we will have plenty of laughs watching them.

The best part about our soon to be new home is its location. There are only 4 units situated on 3 acres on a little hill tucked away behind trees. It’s going to be nice to work from home with all that peace and quite, yep in my own office in the second bedroom.

I’m glad Jason and I only signed a six month lease when we first arrived. Although I like the apartment complex we are living in now, its already time for a change.

I’m looking forward to our move in date next weekend because it’s always fun to decorate a new place.

Let the adventures continue … and the awful packingĀ  begin…

Pictures arrived

While at work this afternoon, my phone sounded letting me know I had an email waiting for me in my inbox.

I was pleasently surprised when I opened that email because it was the one I had been waiting for since Friday …

We received a breakdown of payments, as well as our official address and apartment number for our home in Tennessee. Pictures also graced that email, nine taken from various angles of every room of our soon to be new home. I was so excited to see the wood burning fireplace in our living room, a luxury not needed in SW Florida.

imageI instantly sent Jason a text letting him in on the excitement, a boost both of us needed today. His response was the icing on the cake, a few words that made me instantly smile.

imageUnfortunately for our kitties, the porch is open instead of screened. They will miss their time outside enjoying the scenery and wildlife.

Only 37 more days until we arrive at our new home, a home that has been put on hold with the simple submission of an application. To see pictures of our apartment that we will not see until we move to Kingsport the first of May was just what I needed.

The countdown continues, the excitement builds and the planning moves forward as we slowly say goodbye to a home that brought us back together, SW Florida.

A new journey

backyard25Today I made a rather large step toward a new journey my boyfriend and I are going to take at the end of April.

Although we have been planning a move to NE Tennessee for the past two years, it was put on hold once I received a promotion in November 2011. He wanted me to gain experience as an editor before we traveled to a new destination, which I will forever be grateful for because of his incredible support.

With a good deal of experience under my belt, our conversation about moving came to fruition once again and was put into motion as the height of season took off.

My boyfriend is now working two jobs . . . 15 hours away from home almost every day of the week. Although I miss him dearly and only see him for a few hours a day, I admire him for working so hard. The beautiful thing about this man is once an idea crosses his mind he puts everything he possibly can into motion to turn a dream or idea into a reality.

His excitement for starting our life in a new location has become contagious, which eventually shed all of my concerns and fear of moving away from everything I know.

That enthusiasm led me to sharing my notice with work this afternoon, making our move that much more real! It was both invigorating and nerve racking as I shared that I will be leaving at the end of April with my executive editor. Her reaction was complete surprise and bummed all at once.

It felt wonderful to share the news of our move because it brought everything out into the open. I can now talk freely of the excitement that builds every day with others besides family and close friends.

The last couple of weeks I have found places to live, as well as newspapers to apply for, which is promising as we arrive in a new state. It is extremely exciting to search for a new home, to think of a new beginning and everything it holds.

The next few months are going to go by in a blink of an eye as we both work a crazy amount of hours to stock away as much money as we can.

Although I am going to miss my family beyond belief, as well as my friends, it is truly exciting to think of our future in a different location.