Lucy helped us achieve a new distance

I’m still in shock of how far Lucy and I ran this morning on the Kingsport Greenbelt.

This little puppy of mine had a mission as soon as we stepped onto the path. Well,  that mission went full speed after we passed the first few people.

The first woman we passed, Lucy was eager to get her attention, so I was forced to stop.

This woman said “you’re too young to be running, do you want to come home with me?” I of course smiled, said “have a good day” and told Lucy “come on.”

Only if she knew. Oh my gosh, only if that woman knew.

Yep, Lucy picked up the speed and we were off again.

It sometimes makes me wonder what these people are thinking when they see Lucy and I running. Yes, she is still a puppy, but she seems to be enjoying herself. Heck, she runs around our place, so why not give her a “endless” path, if you will, to let go of some of that energy.

I’ve always said I would not have a dog unless I had a backyard to give it. Well this wonderful puppy adopted us when she showed up on our doorstep, yes, without that backyard I have dreamt about for my dog.

It’s only fair I take her someplace to get exercise, some good long exercise. Although we are outside quite often when we are home, I still feel it’s important to allow her to walk and run.

I love that Lucy enjoys our runs as much as I do. Everytime I look down to make sure we are traveling at a speed she can handle, she is looking straight ahead trotting along. When her attention changes and she looks up at me, I know she’s getting tired.

Since she’s only 5 months old we stop midway through our run. Today as we neared our usual stopping point right next to a little waterfall in a dense area of trees her pace slowed. When I began walking she walked over to the bench and jumped up. As soon as I sat she crawled on my lap.

She was tired. She should be. We were traveling at a good speed.

On our way back she really kept me moving today. I slowed down to a walk half way to our “finishing line,” which Lucy only allowed for three or four steps before she started running to get me moving again. I smiled, this puppy was on a mission, a mission to get us to our “finish line.” I love that Lucy helps in motivating me. She helps me keep going when I don’t feel like my legs can take much more.

Lucy helped us achieve 3.61 miles.

We ran 3.61 miles.

Are you kidding me? This is only the second week of us running together and we are already achieving this! 

This wonderful puppy helped me run my furthest outdoor distance to date!

Tomorrow I’m going to give this little puppy a break and hopefully head to the gym. I’m really excited to see how far she takes me next time.

Lucy is the perfect,  absolute perfect match for me. I’m so glad she showed up at our door step in April.