Mood changer

Last night was a perfect ending to a frustrating day . . .

The perfect ending was because of this man who has my best interest at heart all the time. It’s truly a beautiful feeling, an overwhelming feeling, to know and feel how much someone cares and loves you.

Every day Jason shows me that he is the right man for me. He’s my present and future, he’s my everything. I look into our future and I see us growing old together in a beautiful life that we create for one another.

Yesterday when Jason got home from work he sensed there was something wrong, which started a conversation that allowed me to let out my frustrations. As the conversation continued I started to feel a little better.

This man is my rock, my sounding board, my clear skies when I see gray, my strength when I struggle with my own . . .  well he’s just the very best part of me.

When he told me to go for a run and let go of those frustrations, it once again showed how well he knows me.

I was determined to change my attitude. So, as I walked into the gym — by this hour it was too hot outside and I didn’t want to overheat both Lucy, my puppy, and I — my determination set in. I got onto the treadmill and turned on Pandora . . . I was ready.

It’s this time, this me time, that I was able to clarify my thoughts and put them back in order once again. I get discouraged when my thoughts get out of whack, when the frustration builds, because it puts me in funk. As I refocused, I started feeling better.

It’s true running is the best therapy for me. There’s something about exercising and pushing myself that lifts my mood and makes the worries go away. The best part about this run yesterday was I beat my run from the day before by 14 seconds. That felt incredible.

It seems when my frustration is at its peak, my performance is as well.

When I left the gym I felt like a new person. I walked through the door with a smile on my face because all my worries were left at the treadmill. This of course put Jason in a good mood because we feed off of each other’s energy. When he knows I’m feeling good, his smile is beautiful.

The laughter and good times filled our house once again and continued throughout the night. Even Lucy joined in on our fun as she played with Jason and went crazy running around the living room.

Our crazy little home is all I need . . . especially with Jason by my side.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is let things go and let them be. I struggle with this from time to time.

It’s truly a blessing that I have the opportunity to work out of my home and make my own hours while contributing my work to numerous newspaper and magazine publications. With that said, it’s a struggle to find the equal balance of time in and out of my office. I often find out that I need a break from writing after I reached my breaking point.

This morning started off a little rough, but with the right attitude . . .

I put on my running gear, ready to take Lucy and I to the Greenbelt for a morning run, but those plans drastically changed. I hope by the end of the day I can go for my run, hopefully that run will be with Lucy.

I know better

I have found that going to the gym has unfortunately been placed on the back burner these past few weeks.  Although going a minimum of three days is still better than none at all, I would rather go five or six times a week. This is what I’m used to, this is what keeps the stress levels down.

When I worked out with my mom in Fort Myers, my day started off at the gym, yep bright and early at 6 a.m. It’s hard to find excuses of not going when you go first thing in the morning. There was no, “I’m too tired,” at the end of the work day.

Although I work from home and make my own schedule, I’m still struggling with putting my work down for a couple of hours to go to the gym. That struggle comes when I look at my white board and see the amount of articles that are due.

I, of course know better. I know that if I do not make time for myself, I become stressed, which has a domino affect on my writing.

I’ve been waking up and going straight to my desk to start working, which I have found turns into a day without going to the gym. I get caught up in writing, editing, interviews and waiting for call backs that my day gets away from me.

I know better, days like this is when I need the gym the most.

The worst part about this is I am a member of a 24-hour gym, so I could really go at any time. With that said, when I put in a full day in my office, my brain becomes so drained that it makes the rest of my body tired as well. It’s sad, but I would rather walk downstairs and unwind in front of the TV, instead of lacing up my running shoes and hitting the gym.

On Wednesday, I started working around 8:30 a.m. The light in my office was not turned off until 7:45 that night. It was a productive day to say the least. I turned in five articles (three to one publication and one each to the other publications I work for), as well as many hours worth of editing for sections I am responsible for doing. My stress level was pretty high that day as I worked towards meeting my deadlines.

I was beyond tired …

Jason of course helped with that stress. He would pop in every once in a while, sometimes bringing yummy treats to brighten my mood. I would also walk downstairs and sit on the couch with him for 5 or 10 minutes to pull myself together again.

My stress level tends to grow, as the need to walk away from my desk and take a break rises. That day, going to the gym would have been helpful, but I couldn’t tear myself away for the fear I wouldn’t meet my deadlines.

So, Thursday I had Jason make sure I was really awake when he said goodbye before heading to work. Although it was hard to get out of bed, leave my warm covers behind, I did it and left the house before 8 that morning. It felt fantastic to start my day off on the right foot, a morning at the gym. I love starting my day off with a run, some weight training and other cardio training.

My spirits tend to stay high when I have that physical exercise in my day.

The best part about all of this was when I arrived back home there was a message waiting on our phone from Jason. He was checking up on me to make sure I did wake up and go to the gym.

It’s always helpful when you get the encouragement you need to get back into your rhythm again.

So, today I continued that trend and started on the right note again. I was out the door a little before 8 this morning. I was on my way to the gym.

I ran 1.5 miles and did more than 6 miles on the bike before ending my workout. On my way home I stopped at the grocery store to replenish my smoothie supplies, as well as grab ingredients for dinner. Today my smoothie was a mix of frozen strawberries, mangos and pineapples with a fresh banana and kiwi with orange juice. It was absolutely delicious, a wonderful treat after a great workout.

I am determined to keep myself on track, yep that means go to the gym first thing in the morning before I sit down at my desk.

When I finally made it to my desk this morning, my stress level remained low as I kept in stride and turned in article after article to my editors. I was also able to connect with some sources to finish three more articles that are due this coming week, articles I was worried I would not be able to finish. So, when Jason leaves for work tomorrow, I will put in those few hours to finish those articles and turn them in, so I can start next week on a clean slate. This of course will happen after another trip to the gym.

Hopefully then on Sunday I can take a day off, the first since the last Sunday of January.

Exercise is an incredible outlet, one that I am so thankful I found all those years ago.

The first issue

Last night before going to bed Jason noticed that the water heater in the downstairs half bath was leaking. Yep, there was a good amount of water around the bottom of the heater. So, we put a towel down and sent an email to our landlord.

And our first issue at our new home begins …

This morning she sent me a text saying she was going to stop by and check it all out. Luckily she stopped when Jason came back with another truck load of our stuff, so he could tell her what was going on and help set a plan into motion.

It was crazy for a few hours … Charter was here hooking up cable, internet and phone, as our landlord was talking to a good friend of ours from Florida about what could be wrong with the water heater. It turned out that the entire thing had to be replaced.

So, unfortunately our day of getting organized did not turn out as we had planned.

Jason has spent the majority of the afternoon, well night too, draining the water from the water heater and getting the new one ready to take the old ones place. I’m happy to say, the new one is now in the bathroom waiting for installment.

I love how Jason dives into the jobs and gets it done. He is a trooper that is for sure. Two days of moving and now replacing a heater, he just keeps on going.

Although it was our first obstacle, it was easy working with our landlord. She’s a very easy person to deal with and an easy to talk to as well.

On a good note …

Tonight while Jason was working his magic, I went back to our old apartment to grab a few small things. That drive into the old complex made me really appreciate where we live now. Instead of living in a complex of more than 200 units, we now live on a little hill with three neighbors, yep THREE! It’s private, quite and homey.

I really like our townhouse.

I absolutely love having an office! I had my first phone interview and really enjoyed knowing I was sitting at my desk in my very own room. Although I set up some of my office, I still have a little more to go to make it my own.

Yesterday and today have been crazy, hopefully the rest of the week tones down a little bit.

Done deal

This morning sealed the deal, we made a deposit for a cute little townhouse not far from where we live now.

Yep, the townhouse that was our first choice! We met with the landlord yesterday and all of our personalities clicked. She seems to be a very nice woman.

I’m really excited about this move. It will be different climbing stairs, but it will be nice to have the bedrooms upstairs and the living room and dining room downstairs.

It’s going to be fun watching our two cats run up and down the stairs. I’m sure we will have plenty of laughs watching them.

The best part about our soon to be new home is its location. There are only 4 units situated on 3 acres on a little hill tucked away behind trees. It’s going to be nice to work from home with all that peace and quite, yep in my own office in the second bedroom.

I’m glad Jason and I only signed a six month lease when we first arrived. Although I like the apartment complex we are living in now, its already time for a change.

I’m looking forward to our move in date next weekend because it’s always fun to decorate a new place.

Let the adventures continue … and the awful packing  begin…

One step closer

Jason and I went searching for a new place to live last Monday, an all day affair, which turned into viewing 5 places and stopping at three other apartments.

He’s so good to me …

I stress easily and worry that things are not going to get done in time, especially when it comes to finding a new place to live. Jason on the otherland, stays very calm and takes everything in stride.

He keeps me calm and level headed  … hence the all day search! That day, although long, was exactly what I needed to stay calm.

The great thing about it all was we both fell in love with the same place. It’s a cute, very homey, two bedroom townhouse. Although we still had two more places to see after we viewed that one, my heart already made up its mind. When we got in the car, I asked Jason what the pros and cons were- we were making a list since we were looking at so many in a row – we couldn’t think of any.

When we got back home I called the landlord and got the process moving along. The next day an application waited for me in my inbox, which was returned within a few hours.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the landlord at the townhouse. I’m excited to see the place again. Jason is already imagining how we are going to set up the furniture and I’m dreaming up how my office is going to look.

Although she has assured me it’s pretty much ours to rent, I can’t wait to finalize everything.

It’s a wonderful feeling to put things into motion, to take charge of a situation.

I hope tomorrow’s meet and greet, so to speak, finalizes everything and a date is set for our moving day.

I’m really excited about this place … it will be another home in Kingsport … another step in the right direction for our future.