The cats struck

After I returned home from my solo run Saturday afternoon, Jason and I went to Lowe’s and picked out our Christmas tree.

This year we chose a Douglas Fir that is absolutely perfect. Since we have a bigger living room, the tree is taller than last year!

I love that we have purchased a real tree almost the entire time we have been together. Growing up, my parents always had a live tree decorated every year, something I wanted to carry on as a tradition for Jason and I.

The smell of a Christmas tree is among one of my favorite parts about this holiday. I love that aroma.

Our first Christmas together, Jason surprised me with an invitation to spend it with his family. Since that invitation was a trip to Illinois and we were not living together at the time, we did not buy a tree.

The second year, Jason surprised me with a little table top Christmas tree that was absolutely adorable.

The third year he took parts of my parents Christmas tree and made us a wreath. Jason even strung some lights on it, which of course touched me beyond belief.

Last year, our first Christmas in Tennessee, we went out and bought a 5 foot Christmas tree. It completely made my holiday. We bought ornaments, a tree skirt and tree topper. It was all incredibly special to me because we began collecting memories that were going to be added to in years to come.

Jason is so good to me. I know he enjoys picking out a tree too. Even if it involves picking out one tree after another, hitting the stump to the ground, so I can see the branches, while making up my mind.

The best thing about Christmas this year, since we are renting a house, we even strung lights outside. Jason absolutely loved adding some holiday cheer outside. I’m sure we will be buying more lights before Christmas to add to the collection of lights outside.

So, after we got home on Saturday, we put the tree in its stand, put the skirt around it and put our adorable reindeer tree topper on. Due to hanging the lights outside, we ran out of Christmas lights for the tree, so it remained half strung before heading to bed.

Night one a success . . . the Christmas tree was still standing the next morning.

I ran up to the store yesterday morning and picked up another box of lights, so we could finish decorating the tree. The ornaments, which are mostly various colored balls, made its way on the tree.

Night two . . . epic fail.

IMG_2681The cats struck while we were asleep. We had one shattered ornament and two more of the balls scattered around the living room. Now the bottom of our tree is bare.

I knew it was going to be a challenge with the cats, but really the first night?

I’m going to have to buy some soft ornaments to put on the bottom that the cats can swat around and play with. Ornaments that I don’t care if they are ruined.

IMG_2679I’m so thankful we put our nice ornaments towards the top of the tree. I would be really upset if they got a hold of those.

Oh the life with so many animals.


Lucy and our beautiful Douglas Fir.

The perfect Christmas tree

My parents spoiled me, every year we went out and found the perfect “live” tree for our living room. That was a tradition I wanted to carry on for Jason and I.

So . . .

The fun banter began . . . Why don’t we buy a fake tree and you buy a candle that smells like a tree? . . . A banter Jason knows I will always win because he is that good to me!

With that said, my wonderful boyfriend and I went searching for a live Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and did not find anything. Instead we found a tree topper . . . well two to be exact.

IMG_0829The perfect tree topper if I do say so myself. All of the angels and stars were just too big for our little tree. When Jason found these, I instantly fell in love.

So, the search continued the following day . . . we found the perfect little tree.

IMG_0824It’s the perfect size for our living room. Now a few weeks later, I’m starting to smell the needles. That smell, for me says Christmas. Yesterday as I left my office and walked down the stairs at the end of my day, that wonderful smell greeted me and instantly put a smile on my face.

IMG_0830Jason and I first thought we would decorate the tree in all red bows. We pictured a beautiful tree, white lights and red bows, perfect right? Well, we eventually decided against it and added some green, red and gold ball ornaments to the mix. The billiard ball’s I bought Jason a few years back are also gracing our tree for the first time this year.

IMG_0836The candy canes, which we cannot eat until Christmas day, are also hanging on the branches. At first we thought Leo was swatting them off the tree because we would find them laying on the ground, but as we were sitting on the couch they began to fall. Some of the branches are just not strong enough for them.

IMG_0843Our little snowman, a gift a friend of Jason’s gave us one year. I’m excited to collect ornaments as the years go on and reminisce about them as we put them on the tree.

It was fun decorating the tree with Jason, as always we worked as a team to beautify our first Christmas tree.

IMG_0840We also bought our first tree skirt . . .

I cannot put into words how much it means to me that Jason bought us a tree. A tradition I hope we can continue throughout the years.

This year Jason and I will be celebrating Christmas in Tennessee, just the two of us. I’m excited to see what the day brings. We have already talked about making a Christmas dinner, maybe a delicious Italian meal, something my mom always does every year.

The holiday spirit has entered our home. The sugar cookies have already been made in such shapes as gingerbread, Santa and a candy cane. Yes they are already gone too. That night, as Jason and I stood side-by-side mixing the ingredients, rolling out the dough, pressing the cookie cutters and creating those Christmas themed cookies and adding some color with sprinkles, meant the world to me.

For the past few years mom and I always spent a day in the kitchen baking an assortment of cookies . . . Jason this year, gave me that joy.

 Shortly after we got the Christmas tree, we started talking about Christmas stockings. Jason had a wonderful idea, something that instantly excited me . . . I cannot wait until Christmas day!