Family bond

Almost the entire family gathered at my parents house today to celebrate my nephew’s 4th birthday.

It’s almost impossible to get everyone – all six siblings – under one roof at the same time. Everyone’s lives become so busy that schedules are always conflicting.

When I arrived I was surprised to see my older brother playing ball with my nephew, due to his crazy schedule as an executive chef. We instantly caught up on each others lives after I made my rounds saying hi to everyone, as well as giving the birthday boy a big hug and kiss.

The sharing did not stop there as I talked to my older and younger sisters, as well as their significant others.

The day was filled with endless fun as everyone took time to jump in the bounce house, play with my nephews, enjoy food and cake and have continuous conversations.

My parents house has always been the gathering place for family, as well as friends. Something special always unfolds as we all come together as new memories are formed with stories we will share for many years to come.

I am extremely blessed to be a part of such a large, loving family. Days like today – a fun packed afternoon with family – are needed from time to time.