Great, no, amazing day


Again I find myself on the porch listening to the music that continuously fills the air from the birds while watching the sun go down.


Although they are not excellent pictures, the blue jay I have been trying to capture finally flew into my vision on a tree right in front of me. Nature, so peaceful!

Today has been a great day, a day that only lifts my spirits even more.

An effort I made to get my name out there while still living in Fort Myers worked to my advantage yesterday and today. A job that was not being offered at the beginning of the phone call slowly made its way into the conversation after I jogged the editor’s memory of who I was.

I took it upon myself to track down the job she told me was available when I did not receive an email with a link for the position a few hours after we spoke.
Today when she sent the link and asked me to tell her when the online application was finished, I replied it was ready for her review and please let me know if there was anything else she needed.

That got the ball rolling, clips of my writing were exchanged and a interview was scheduled for next week.

Persistence completely pays off! I showed her I was interested and kept at if until I landed that interview.


Now as I sit and reflect upon the day, the excitement of what I accomplished takes a hold of me again. I’m slowly making my way in an environment I have only grown to know eight days ago.

The conversation the editor and I shared on the phone gave me hope that this might be my new adventure, a daily newspaper in Bristol, VA.

If you believe in yourself anything is possible. If you have a positive attitude any obstacle can be overcome.

If this interview does not pan out to be the outcome I hope for, it still gives me the experience as well as exposure in a new area that I need.