The little things

Yesterday was perfect.

I was able to meet my deadlines for three different publications in four days, granting myself a day off with Jason on Friday. It was such a great feeling to write as many articles as I did, as well as all the editing I completed in the time frame that I gave myself.

Although we didn’t do anything spectacular, it was the time that we spent together that warmed my heart.

It’s in the quite moments, the new memories that we share, that I fall a little more in love with Jason. Often times it’s the look he gives me that speaks volumes of how he feels.

In an effort to get out of the house, we drove to Johnson City to do some Christmas shopping. Although we really didn’t have anything specifically in mind for our secret Santa gift, we ended up leaving the mall with a perfect present. A present I’m excited to finish and ship off next week.

It was fun shopping with Jason, we seem to always be on the same page when thinking of others.

Last night after eating dinner we decided to watch a few movies. This was a great way to end the night. We sat next to each other, often times cuddling, as we laughed at the movies.

It’s the simple things. The simple things that mean the most.