Deep in thought

Tonight I decided to give myself some time off from work after I turned in another article, which has left me deep in thought about life in general.

This afternoon when I went to the gym I had a good conversation with Julian about yesterday’s blog. He made me smile because he reminded me just how fortunate I am as an independent, freelance writer, to have as much work as I do. This of course led to the “double-edged sword” conversation. I am beyond happy that I have as much work as I do, enough work to help pay our bills, but often times it leaves me with little “me time.” 

But this is my career, my livelihood, so I’m always taking on as much work as possible, to further my career. I fall in love with what I do a little more everyday. I absolutely love the world of journalism. I love when more article ideas are pitched my way, for the simple fact that it’s another story for me to tell.

So this is where the conflict falls, how do I have that happy medium . . .

I know that happy medium comes when I have some downtime, which I have granted myself these last three days at the gym. I really don’t know how to put into words how this time at the gym makes me feel. As soon I walk through the door and put my headphones in I stop thinking about the work that lies before me and start thinking about what goals I hope to beat that day.Today that success was on the bike, when the end of workout results appeared before me. Today I pedaled the most miles yet in a 30-minute period. That made me feel great!

Life is about pushing yourself, so you can constantly discover what you are capable of doing, which also reveals many new passions of what you may enjoy doing.

I proved to myself that I could work three jobs, something I always said I could not do beforehand. Jason and I had plenty of conversations before we moved about me getting a second job . . . my reply was always no, I don’t have enough time. How did I go from working only one to three? Faith, faith that I can do it, while having a great support system standing beside me.

This hike definitely showed me what I was capable of doing . . . which revealed an incredible view.

Over the summer Jason and went hiking at least once a week. Some of those hikes were rather difficult, this one especially. Jason helped me overcome my fears . . . which revealed this incredible view.

As all this floods my thoughts, I started scrolling through photographs, which always trigger such precious memories and moments. Those photographs stored in my phone gave me a visual of the life Jason and I shared in Fort Myers, as well as our journey here in Tennessee. I won’t lie these are great memories to have.

I have such a beautiful life, a life that I love!

Before Jason entered my life more than four years ago, my life really didn’t have too much adventure, true adventures that helped me grow as a person. As I sit here thinking of some of the obstacles I have overcome, some personal battles that weighed me down for quite some time, I am grateful for those adventures. Those moments at times pulled me out of my comfort zone, which ended up showing me just what I was capable of doing.

It’s funny when those moments hit you, when that reflection happens. Sometimes it is so out of the blue that it makes you smile.

To think I have been fortunate enough to know this man for 17 years is pretty incredible. My first true love, my high school sweetheart has repeatedly shown me why I fell for him all those years ago. Even through the years that we did not talk, he still entered my thoughts from time to time.

Before Jason clocked in for work tonight he accidentally dialed my cell, which was a good surprise, even if he left only 45-minutes before that call. Sometimes I don’t know how much I need to hear his voice until I get that surprise phone call.

Although life can become stressful some times more often than not, it’s up to me to keep that ball rolling and find ways to make it through while still smiling. This week definitely tried my strength . . . but I made it through with that “me time” and some help from Jason!

Here’s to a stress free, productive week of writing!