I finally spotted some . . .

Today after driving to Jonesborough and Gray for a few interviews, I stopped at the library in Kingsport to drop off some books that were due. As I was pulling onto the road that leads me to the library, this beautiful sea of orange, yellow, purple and reds grabbed my attention, especially off of the deep green leaves.

I’ve been waiting to find some tulips since spring began. These are one of my favorite flowers.

IMG_20140409_150418After I parked my car, dropped off my books and wandered around the library for a little while, I went for a walk down the sidewalk, so I could take some pictures. Of course, as I walked closer the beauty of these flowers only intensified.


Once again, nature captured my attention . . .


I love the spring season.

Coming to life

Spring is starting to appear around our home now. The tree right outside of our living room window has a ton of blossoms. It should be only a few days before they all open up.


I am finding it hard to drive again, as my attention is constantly being drawn out the window. Some of the trees are still bare, while others are clearly coming to life.

It’s been interesting and fun watching as the seasons change this year. Everything was green and lush when we arrived in Kingsport, Tenn. last May. It was breathtaking to see the leaves change colors for fall. It was even gorgeous to see how nature changes during the winter months.

You see, I have been a little deprived of the changes in seasons since I lived in Southwest Florida for the better part of my life.

Now seeing everything blossom brings a new kind of joy, a new kind of happiness as we enter into yet another season.

This tree I have to say is my favorite around the house. The red against the blue sky is absolutely beautiful.