Tugs your memories

The last few days our home has been filled with nonstop laughter.

This was a perfect way to end a rather hard, stressful week.

I absolutely love when Jason gets me laughing to the point where I can’t stop. He’s relentless at times, which I’m glad because it keeps my spirits high.

It’s true, when you have laughter, stress seems to fade away.

Although times have been a little hard lately financially, laughter and the time I get to share with Jason makes it all manageable.

I have found myself looking at Jason the last few days for no particular reason. I can’t help but smile when I do. His beautiful green eyes speak to me every time I get that glance.

I have found the best man for me. I believe that with every part of me because he shows me why every day.


Memories, heart warming memories

Since the temperatures have been warmer the last few days, I brought my orchid and bamboo plant outside and put them on the back porch to let them soak up the warmth.

While Jason and I were standing outside we spotted a bud about to bloom on the orchid. At that moment, I was brought back to a time almost two-years ago this April.

That orchid was a present from Jason, a get well present.


I had my gall bladder removed after a pretty intense attack one night.Jason stood by my side and took incredible care of me. Throughout my surgery and recovery, my love for this man grew full force.  I saw such a caring man, one who went out of his way to make sure I was okay at all times.

I love how something as simple as an orchid bloom tugs at your memories. Because of this man, a rather scary time, became okay.

I remember being incredibly calm after kissing Jason goodbye before falling asleep and being rolled back for surgery. That was huge!

The looks of worry will forever be stamped in my memory. I could go on for a good long while about what he did for me during that long recovery.

It’s good to reminisce every once in a while, especially when it brings back such good, sweet memories. This one memory just goes to show good, really good things can stem from a very trying and scary time.

This man has shown me countless times why I love him so much. Because of this, I know things will always workout, that things will always be okay.