Back-to-back success

Positive thoughts were oozing out of me as I walked away from the clubhouse this morning.

I stepped onto that treadmill and was determined yet again. I decided to focus solely on my run, instead of mixing it up with other cardio.

It was another great decision.

I ran 2-miles, my old daily run. The last time I achieved this distance was Nov. 18, 2012. Yes, this was almost a year ago, but I took quite a bit of time off from running, something I wish I didn’t do.

Regardless, another goal was achievement today, another great workout. Since I started working out five days a week again back in August I have been determined. Once I beat my best mile runs continuously I knew it was time …

When I push my body I get results, sometimes results beyond what I hope for.

I know I’m capable of running the distance and I’m glad I toned my workout down, so I could reach that limit again.

So far slowing down my pace has increased my distance and decreased the overall impact on my shins. Towards the end of my run the pain started to return ever so slightly, so I listened to my body and stopped.

I have to admit the simple stretches I did once my cool down portion was completed, was the best part. My legs thanked me.

Hopefully tomorrow I can increase the distance again.

Little steps forward …

A mile and a half more

I’m feeling extra excited today, especially after my cardio workout this morning.

I finally decided to decrease my speed, since I have been beating my time, and increase my distance. This morning was a huge success! I ran a mile and a half, then decided to bike for five miles before running another mile. My usual mile, turned into 2.5 miles, yippy!

I cannot express how excited I was at the end of the workout.

My legs, for the first time in weeks, felt good. I’ve been battling shin splints lately, so I have only been running a mile at a time. Last week I only ran four days, instead of my typical five, which probably helped with my run this morning as well.

It always feels good to do more than what you set out to accomplish, way more than what I hoped for. I’m already setting goals in my head for tomorrow.

When we lived in Fort Myers, I always ran two miles a day. So, I of course, want to finally surpass that distance and put some good miles on these running shoes.

I’m glad I decided to start running all those years ago, although I haven’t been consistent throughout that time, I’m excited to be at it again now. There is just something about lacing up your running shoes, putting on some good music and letting everything else go. It’s almost as if I enter another world, one that is only focused on the now. My thoughts always become clearer while my heart beats a little faster. No matter what I am stressed out about that day, a run always cures those feelings, always pushes them aside and gives me a positive outlook on the situation at hand.

IMG_271809577749490The best part about all this is Jason has offered to run with me. After we move from our apartment next weekend, I won’t have access to the clubhouse’s gym. I’ve researched gyms around the area and am hesitant on joining any of them. Jason always encourages me to go for a run somewhere, which I should, but always find it easier to hit the gym and run on the treadmill. So in an effort to get me outdoors yet again, as well as save some money by not joining a gym, he offered to go running with me. This is huge! Although I always like running by myself, since it gives me that “me” time, I’m having second thoughts. It would just be another way for Jason and I to spend time together. I can only imagine what type of encouragement we would give each other . . . more new achievements would be made.

Today, I can feel it, is going to be another great day. How could it not be after a workout like that one?