In the clear

20140619_222147This morning Lucy and I went back to Banfield for her one week check-up after her surgery.

She’s starting to know my routine. As soon as Lucy sees me grab my purse her nervousness begins.

Is she staying or going?

When I scooped her up the shaking continued. I hope one day this little nervous puppy settles down. It breaks my heart that she gets like this. But I guess that’s what happens when I am home with her every day, most of the time all day long.

As we got situated in the car, she settled down a little bit. I have to say she’s getting better at riding in the car with me.

This brief settling down quickly changed as we walked through the doors of PetSmart and towards the back where Banfield is located.

The shaking became extreme. Yep, this little puppy remembered what happened a week ago. Lucy even began crying a little.

The nurse at the front desk weighed her before we were taken to one of the exam rooms. She lost a pound since last week.

Lucy really did not want anything to do with the floor this time. Usually she likes to sniff around the room. Every time I put her on the floor she came right back to me. So, her and I waited on the bench, yep with her sitting pretty in my lap.

Although I was able to calm the shaking, it started right back up when the nurse walked into the room and then the vet a little while later.

I love the vet we saw today. Her personality is huge and she treats Lucy the same way I do. When she told me “Lucy’s stomach looks beautiful” I kissed Lucy on the head and said “yeah we can go back to normal.”

The vet told me I took really good care of her. That was music to my ears. It was hard trying to keep a 5-month old puppy from running, jumping and playing, especially with two cats in the house that like to run and play themselves.

Jason put up so many barricades throughout the house, which can now be taken down. Thank goodness. I have some nice bruises from our week of barriades. It’s hard climbing a gate when it is blocking the entrance to the top or the bottom of the stairs. The location changed from day to night.

As soon as we walked through the door the gate came down and Lucy ran up the stairs with me. Yeah, no more carrying her!

Now I no longer have to say “no” to every single thing she does. Yes, now she can do all the things a puppy should be able to do like run crazy while having fun playing. This I know Jason will be looking forward to tonight. They always play towards the end of the night when she gets a blast of energy. Or when Jason comes home from work she goes running towards him full speed while running in circles once she reaches his feet.

As soon as we walked out the door of Petsmart, Lucy was back to her old self again.

Best part is I don’t have to take her back to the vet until October. We have a healthy puppy that is now spayed, chipped and up-to-date with all of her shots. The only thing I have to worry about every month is picking up her flea, tick and worm medicine.

AND . . . . we can now head back to the Kingsport Greenbelt for our morning runs. I really missed getting that 30-minutes of fresh air a few times a week.

Life will now become normal again . . .

Camped out on the floor

Last night was our first rough night, our first long night since Friday.

Lucy and I slept on the living room floor.

Lucy typically crawls under the covers as soon as we make our way to bed.

Last night was not the case.

After an unsuccessful attempt of both of us lying in bed, Lucy and I came back downstairs.

Since her surgery on Friday I have put her cone on when we go to bed to distract her from licking. This unfortunately has been super uncomfortable and last night she fought it. She wouldn’t settle down.

Lucy tried to jump off the bed, which is unusual when Jason and I are both in bed.

I didn’t want her to hurt herself and certainly did not want her to jump off the bed.  So, I took the cone off and left the bedroom.

After a little while Lucy finally laid down next to me under the blanket on the ground. Before too long she crawled in her bed next to us.

It took me a while to get comfortable and fall asleep.  Honestly it took me a while because I was worried she was going to start licking.

Exhaustion finally struck. I didn’t wake until I started hearing Jason move around upstairs.

As far as I know she slept all night long. I usually hear her moving around.

Lucy hasn’t cried when she’s in pain, but rather starts shaking and lunges towards her stomach.  This morning when we were outside it started happening, so I picked her up and tried to calm the shakes and stop the violent lunging.

My body is beyond sore this morning from laying on the hard ground and I do not feel rejuvenated from a good night’s sleep.

Lucy, on the other hand, is sound asleep next to me once again. The pain must have gone away. I may just wait an hour or so before we climb the stairs and I start my work day.

Oh the things we do for our animals to make sure they are comfortable. 

More time…

Three straight days of running just a little bit faster.

I shed another seven seconds off my run, almost reaching my goal.

Since my surgery I have managed to take 11 minutes off my run, which took a little more than nine months (with almost two months off). I cannot explain how happy I am to have accomplished a personal goal.

In just three days alone I have taken 22 seconds off my time, making me just three little seconds away from my goal.

Awe new running shoes …

It felt great running in new shoes. It was like I was running on little pillows, cushioning each and every step as I ran.

Now that I am within reach of hitting a specific time, I might increase my distance and see how much longer I can run instead of hitting a certain speed. I might even take my runs outside of the gym and feel the fresh air instead of stale air within four walls.

When I run I feel like I can accomplish anything, what a thrill. The possibilities are endless because it is up to me to take that next step.

Another great start to another day …

I absolutely love running first thing in the morning!