100_0535Last night I watched a few movies of Samson, the family golden retriever, who unfortunately passed a few years ago. This incredible dog touched each and every one of us in a very special way.

With the images and memories lingering in my thoughts long after the little movies ended, I dreamt beautiful dreams of Samson on and off throughout the night. I have not had that vivid of dreams since he died, which left my heart full of joy when I finally woke.

Although I think of Samson from time to time, especially when I pass a golden retriever, the intimate memories, the ones that stop you in your thoughts, have not occurred for quite some time. It’s amazing what dreams can do, how they can pull you back into time. It’s incredible how those memories surfaced again while I was asleep, all because of a movie or two that I watched.

I still remember the day my Mom and Dad opened the front door and this adorable puppy poked his head through. That was, and still is, the best Christmas present ever. I, as well as my siblings, instantly fell in love.

100_1747With 12 years of having this incredibly intelligent dog in our lives, the memories are endless.

Samson had a few favorites – riding in the car, going to swim in the ocean at the beach and playing in his backyard. Whenever we took him to the beach, we grew tired way before he was ever ready to leave. As long as you had a tennis ball he was happy retrieving it in the water. Of course Samson became aware of the smells of the beach and everything else that went with the salt water. He knew when one of us was going to the beach and became instantly excited following us around the house, which made us feel bad when we left him at home.

I remember taking Samson for car rides to the gas station, bank or any other short ride, which left him as happy as can be. He never sat on the seat, but rather the floor board of the passenger seat with his nose sticking out of the window taking it all in.

100_2003He was definitely an outside dog. It was not until he was older when he finally enjoyed being outside by himself. The lizards that darted from here to there kept him busy. He was always jumping into Mom’s plants and bushes trying to capture the lizard.

Oh Samson was such a water dog, the summer time was the worst – those were the days when the rain would fall on a consistent basis leaving puddles in the yard. I can still see the look Samson gave before running for the water leaving you only yelling his name even more. He received so many baths during the summer.

Although these are all wonderful memories, the ones that will stay with me forever are the ones when I came home from college to visit. The way Samson would greet me as I was getting out of the car and unloading the trunck of the car made me feel loved beyond belief. As soon as he figured out it was me, the crying and whimpering were nonstop.

And to think these are only a few of the memories . . .

100_0632Dogs are such wonderful companions, they know when you are happy and sad and comfort you in any way they can.

It was such a sad day when this member of our family passed. I will never forget the text message I got from Mom telling all of her kids that Samson died. She could not call because she was crying and I could not respond because the tears were flowing so freely I could not see the keys on my phone. Samson was such a special dog, such an incredibly smart dog who will forever be missed.

I am so glad my dreams were filled with so many wonderful memories of this beautiful dog last night.

Samson you will forever be thought of and missed.