Meant to be

From 1999 to 2009 we went our separate ways, which at one point included a distance that stretched from Australia to Arizona  . . . Relationships with others came to a hault, which brought us both back to Fort Myers.

With only minutes separating us, a lunch finally reunited us. A lunch with my best friend, a man who I missed tremendously, but didn’t know the full extent until I saw his smiling face. His smile filled his truck and years of memories flooded my thoughts.

Sometimes our journeys don’t go as planned. But for me, my journey led me back to the one that has shown me more than I could have ever imagined.


Sometimes these thoughts come at the most random moments.

This September we will celebrate five years of sharing our lives. There have been so many wonderful moments created in this time span. Some trying moments, that now looking back have only made us stronger as a couple.

Life has been a beautiful adventure since Jason entered my life again.

Definitely back into the swing of things

I am enjoying working out even more than before … I’m pushing myself to new limits and witnessing great results.
Today, after taking two days off for moving furniture and boxes into our apartment, I went back to the gym.

Although I knew I was going to be sore from moving, I didn’t realize the extent of what muscles would be talking to me the following day.

It feels incredible, well it feels like we are home now that we have everything we own in our apartment once again. The first night of having our belongings, I laid on our overstuffed couch and instantly fell asleep with a kitty by my side. Yep, we are now officially home.

That first night of sleeping in our own bed felt like heaven, granting us beautiful dreams. Thursday night was my best night of sleep since leaving Fort Myers. We didn’t have to pump air into our bed anymore, once we laid down we slept, we slept all night long.

Today after I finished writing an article I laced up my running shoes and headed to the clubhouse. I needed to relieve some stress.

I started my cardio workout on the bike riding almost 16 miles in 60 minutes. I gained new speeds while riding the bike sweating and working off more calories than a few days before.

After I finished stretching, I began my run, again increasing my speed, and almost beating my fastest mile. Seconds away from my top time, another reason to head to the gym tomorrow.

Again the stresses that have accumulated in the last few days were all released, making me a new person when I walked out of the gym.

Another great workout

After taking yesterday off, I was determined to set a new record for myself at the gym.

Since arriving in Tennessee I have included more cardio in my workout. I am now riding the bike for 60 minutes, as well as running a mile.

With Jason and I hiking trails that are a little more difficult than the flatlands of Florida, I am pushing my body into better shape.

Today after doing more than 15 miles on the bike, I increased my run speed and ran my second fastest time. My body feels incredible … I can feel every muscle I worked.

I want to eventually increase my running miles again, but taking three weeks off I am taking it a little slow. I also want to find a trail I can run outside, which will only get me into shape faster.

I absolutely love the feeling, that natural high, I get after a workout. It puts me in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day.


This is another reason I run, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my life, which I have to say is pretty incredible!

Twenty-one more . . .

The days are counting down and the time apart is coming to a close. The day we leave Southwest Florida is within reach and nearing in the next 21 days.

I received the best text today . . . “I will be off for the next four nights” . . . music to my ears. A smile instantly spread across my face as I could not contain my excitement. I get to spend time with Jason at the end of our workday – more than an hour or two, something we have not been able to do in consecutive days since February.

Now I get to be spoiled for the next few days – spoiled with my incredible boyfriend sitting beside me and us spending time together. Laughter will soon fill our apartment, laughter from the two of us.

These past few months have been much harder than I ever could have imagined. On the upside, these past few months have shown me just how much I love and enjoy spending time with Jason.

This man has made such a huge impact on me . . . such a positive attitude . . . constant words of encouragement . . . always pushing me to strive for more and never settle. Those are just a few reasons why I love and missed having him home.

Although there were some extremely emotional days over the last few months – some of which I’m sure have yet to surface – days of complete excitement also overtook me.

The beauty of the last couple of months is the friend’s who helped me, listened to me and shared the excitement of our move. You three know who you are! I will always be grateful for the countless conversations, you three are amazing friends to have.

The beauty of my emotional rollercoaster is the amazing man who continues to stand at the end, holding out his arms.

Sometimes we create our own stress, sometimes the more we think, the more worry we inflict upon ourselves. Why worry when everything has fallen into place and will once we arrive? Why become stressed when there is nothing to stress about? Hmmm, only a few words Jason has told me, what a smart man.

When I sit down and think about what is soon to surface – without the emotion of living farther than a couple minutes, hours from family, as well as the stress of finding enough work – the excitement is hard to contain.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because of the countless opportunities that are going to be within our reach. I am moving to Kingsport, TN with an incredible man, a man who has shown me support beyond my wildest dreams. I seriously could not think of a better person to move to Tennessee with. I am looking forward to our exploring and the countless adventures that will surface.

Twenty-one more days until our apartment will be emptied and our cars fully packed . . . 21 more days until we hit the highway with our kitties in tow . . . 21 more days until a new chapter in our lives begin . . . 21 more days until we get to experience a new state . . . 21 more days . . .  YIPPY!

 “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret.

More time…

Three straight days of running just a little bit faster.

I shed another seven seconds off my run, almost reaching my goal.

Since my surgery I have managed to take 11 minutes off my run, which took a little more than nine months (with almost two months off). I cannot explain how happy I am to have accomplished a personal goal.

In just three days alone I have taken 22 seconds off my time, making me just three little seconds away from my goal.

Awe new running shoes …

It felt great running in new shoes. It was like I was running on little pillows, cushioning each and every step as I ran.

Now that I am within reach of hitting a specific time, I might increase my distance and see how much longer I can run instead of hitting a certain speed. I might even take my runs outside of the gym and feel the fresh air instead of stale air within four walls.

When I run I feel like I can accomplish anything, what a thrill. The possibilities are endless because it is up to me to take that next step.

Another great start to another day …

I absolutely love running first thing in the morning!

Personal record

I walked in the gym determined to run my fastest time today … mission accomplished.

It’s an incredible feeling to set new personal records when running, even if it was only a second erased off my time.

I keep record of each run – thanks to a great app – with my time, distance and calories. Although it’s great to see how many calories I shed each run, the most enjoyment comes from watching my time slowly get faster over time.

Cardio gives me such a natural high, even if my legs are screaming at me.