My own little adventure

Today while Jason was at work I decided to head out and find my own adventure, which occurred along the Kingsport Greenbelt.

IMAG1864Right from the beginning I was taken back by the beauty along this trail, which runs eight miles along the Holston River and Reedy Creek in Kingsport, TN.

I have to admit I stopped quite a few times, so I could really take in the beauty, sounds and smells of the area. Of course this was accompanied by many, many photographs.

To think this is just minutes from our apartment . . .

IMAG1866There is something about nature that cures all while centering you again. Three hours along this trail and more than six miles of walking, I came out as relaxed as one I could possibly be . . . which made it all worth while.

IMAG1880Today marks 26 days since we arrived in TN . . . and I have to admit yesterday it hit me hard . . . I miss my family. When we lived in Fort Myers, I spent most of my days off with Mom while Jason was at work.  Today in an effort to get myself out of a funk I explored some more of our new home, I took a step into nature.   As I made my way along the trail and found beautiful spots, I sent some of the photographs to Mom, which made it feel like she was with me. I thought of her often as I walked the trail, only because I could envison us running together or going for an early morning walk.

A great thing about this trail was I spotted many benches that were in good locations to sit and take in the surroundings while resting.

IMAG1873Another great thing about the trail was it was covered well with vegetation, which kept me cool as I walked and walked and walked.

Although there were many other people of all ages walking, biking, running and walking their dogs, it was an incredibly  peaceful journey down the path and across ocassional bridges. The birds chirping, the sound of water making its way down the river and creek made me forget about everything as my steps continued.

A smile was constantly on my face, it just would not go away . . .



IMAG1875I mean really, how could you be in a bad mood or let the stress overcome you while you are walking along a trail witnessing this kind of beauty?


My favorite part of the walk was when I began to hear the water . . . I knew it was cascading down rocks.

IMAG1886I followed a little trail up the hill, which only led me to more water and beauty.

IMAG1887And more . . .

IMAG1894And more. . .

IMAG1900I finally turned around and  was led back to the bottom where the sound of the water continued to have its soothing rhythm . . .

I decided this was a great place to stop and sit on the bench as my thoughts cleared a little more and the smile became wider.



IMAG1905I followed the trail all the way to the end and then turned around and started my journey back towards where I started.



This Kingsport Greenbelt is a perfect place for me to run. I am very excited that I finally stumbled upon this trail, I will definitely use it a few times a week.

Although I made it back to my starting point, my feet kept going . . .

IMAG1934As I began to hear the wonderful sound of quacking and splashing . . .

IMAG1918There were ducks everywhere . . .

IMAG1921Even a mamma and her little ones . . .

IMAG1936And many, many more . . .


IMAG1942Today was amazing. The weather was perfect, the people I passed along the trail were friendly and I got an incredible workout. That is one of the best things about exercising outside, you do not realize how many miles or how much time has passed because it is not located directly in front of you.

On the other hand, the trail provided great signs that let you know how many miles you traveled.

My legs are definitely feeling the miles I put on them today.

What a breath of fresh air to get lost along a trail for so many hours. I cannot wait until I find another location to explore on my own.

Finally arrived

The day before we departed Fort Myers, Jason, John and Dave filled a U-haul U-box pod with all of our belongings to be shipped to a nearby U-haul location.

We decided that would be the cheapest, easiest way to move our stuff from Florida to Tennessee. Although it was easier to put our stuff in a pod and just worry about driving our own cars with some of our belongings, dealing with U-haul has been an extreme headache. That headache has led us to the decision of never using their company again.

Although many calls were made within the last few weeks, it was not until yesterday that Jason finally received some answers to questions that he has been after for 13 days. We were completely shocked of how poorly this business runs, how incompetent they were and how many people it took to get to one answer.

The good news is after sleeping on a blowup bed for 13 days, a bed that the cats have managed to puncture tiny holes in; our pod finally arrived at its destination today! Even better, Jason’s cousin and husband have agreed to help us transport the pod trailer to our complex, making it even easier for us to empty the pod and fill our apartment.

It has been quite the adventure living in an apartment that really does not have any of our belongings.

I’m grateful that the apartment complex clubhouse has a washer and dryer facility, so we could do our laundry. I have spent a great deal of time here as I wait for the machines to finish. The nice thing is I can do two or three loads all at once, depending on the amount of quarters I have, speeding up the process.

You really do not realize how spoiled you are until things are taken away, like the comfort of a couch, the warmth of your own bed and the convenience of having all your pots and pans for the kitchen.

Although it has been quite the experience, Jason and I managed and made the best of our situation. Last night, for example, it felt like we were camping in our living room with the fire burning in the fireplace and the blow up bed close by. Or when we wanted comfort we took a drive to a beautiful park or to the store and enjoyed the comfortable seats of our cars!

It will be nice to move all of our furniture into our apartment, finally making it feel like home – a place of comfort and relaxation.

It’s cold for a Florida girl

As Jason and I were planning our move to TN, we talked about what the weather would be like once we arrived …

Well … we left 90 degree weather in Fort Myers and are now enjoying 34 and 36 (as the low) degree weather in TN.
I’m glad when I was apartment hunting I chose a place that included a fireplace. Although I hoped we would use the fireplace, I didn’t expect we would be using it in May!

I have to say I acted like a young girl when Jason asked me if I wanted a fire tonight in our fireplace. It’s the little things! Um yes … would love that!

I love the sound of the crackling wood and I love how warm the apartment has become. Kimber, our kitty is also enjoying the warmth of the fire. She has not left my side since Jason got it going.

I hope our bodies become used to the cold fast ….

Let the warmer weather grace us soon.

Nine more

A move we have been talking about for a few years is only nine days away of becoming a reality.

It’s truly hard to believe that we are finally in the single digit countdown of our move to Kingsport, TN. The best part is my nerves are calmed and I could not be more excited about getting in the car and going.

It’s truly amazing what kind of emotions you go through when getting ready for a move. I have been on quite the rollercoaster as far as those go.

I’m a person who has a hard time with saying goodbye. Just ask my boyfriend, it takes a couple kisses and many “have a good days” before I walk out the door.

Now looking back on the rollercoaster I have been on, I know that is where the emotions lie, saying goodbye to every single family member and the many great friends that have blessed my life.

You become used to getting in the car … and a few minutes or hours later you arrive on that person’s doorstep. Although that will not be as easily accomplished, all the technologies that are available will give me countless opportunities to still be in contact with everyone, even on a face-to-face basis.

I am so excited to be moving to another state because it is something I typically would not do. What an adventure to just pack everything up and go!

There is no better time then the present to make a change that will only enhance your life and boyfriend.

The experiences you have shape who you are …

I’m beyond thrilled to be in another state. Oh the pictures I will be able to capture!

The best part is making that move with such an adventurous person who loves to explore every inch of space that surrounds him.

Nine more days until another chapter begins, a chapter that I believe will be full of excitement. I know hard times will be a part of this adventure, but I know things will always be OK.

I am moving to TN with the love of my life and best friend… in nine days!

A million little things

It’s crazy to think the man who now has my heart, stole a piece of it about 15 years ago.

The wonderful thing about this man is the many little things he does throughout the day. Those little things, which are done from near and from afar, mean more than I can ever put into words.

Yesterday the simple phone call before I  started my day was just what I needed … the little things. That meant a lot to me because he made some time while working to make that call.

I think the best foundation for a relationship builds upon a friendship, a strong friendship that blossoms into much more.

I remember the first time we met up after more than a decade of going our separate ways. We almost instantly eased into a conversation that became familiar, a comfortable banter that I didn’t realize I missed. A late lunch turned into endless hours of communication that went into the wee hours of the morning.

wpid-09f5590574aa2c440b0f9e707bec99e6.jpgA best friend I made many years ago was sitting before me once again. From that day forward it was rare that we didn’t find time to spend together.

Now almost four years later I couldn’t imagine my life without this incredible man who constantly looks out for me and always wants the best for me.

Jason continues to bless me with those tiny little moments that make me fall in love with him a little more every time.

It’s an incredible feeling to be loved. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone know you so well that they pick up on certain gestures, facial expressions and your overall body language. Jason has spent so much time getting to know me that sometimes the conversations are not needed because he already understands my feelings.

I love the tiny moments for the simple fact that they move more mountains than the grand gestures that may not have had that much thought behind them.

I am so fortunate to have found this man once again. I am looking forward to what our future holds, especially as we plant our roots in a new location, Kingsport, TN.