In the clear

20140619_222147This morning Lucy and I went back to Banfield for her one week check-up after her surgery.

She’s starting to know my routine. As soon as Lucy sees me grab my purse her nervousness begins.

Is she staying or going?

When I scooped her up the shaking continued. I hope one day this little nervous puppy settles down. It breaks my heart that she gets like this. But I guess that’s what happens when I am home with her every day, most of the time all day long.

As we got situated in the car, she settled down a little bit. I have to say she’s getting better at riding in the car with me.

This brief settling down quickly changed as we walked through the doors of PetSmart and towards the back where Banfield is located.

The shaking became extreme. Yep, this little puppy remembered what happened a week ago. Lucy even began crying a little.

The nurse at the front desk weighed her before we were taken to one of the exam rooms. She lost a pound since last week.

Lucy really did not want anything to do with the floor this time. Usually she likes to sniff around the room. Every time I put her on the floor she came right back to me. So, her and I waited on the bench, yep with her sitting pretty in my lap.

Although I was able to calm the shaking, it started right back up when the nurse walked into the room and then the vet a little while later.

I love the vet we saw today. Her personality is huge and she treats Lucy the same way I do. When she told me “Lucy’s stomach looks beautiful” I kissed Lucy on the head and said “yeah we can go back to normal.”

The vet told me I took really good care of her. That was music to my ears. It was hard trying to keep a 5-month old puppy from running, jumping and playing, especially with two cats in the house that like to run and play themselves.

Jason put up so many barricades throughout the house, which can now be taken down. Thank goodness. I have some nice bruises from our week of barriades. It’s hard climbing a gate when it is blocking the entrance to the top or the bottom of the stairs. The location changed from day to night.

As soon as we walked through the door the gate came down and Lucy ran up the stairs with me. Yeah, no more carrying her!

Now I no longer have to say “no” to every single thing she does. Yes, now she can do all the things a puppy should be able to do like run crazy while having fun playing. This I know Jason will be looking forward to tonight. They always play towards the end of the night when she gets a blast of energy. Or when Jason comes home from work she goes running towards him full speed while running in circles once she reaches his feet.

As soon as we walked out the door of Petsmart, Lucy was back to her old self again.

Best part is I don’t have to take her back to the vet until October. We have a healthy puppy that is now spayed, chipped and up-to-date with all of her shots. The only thing I have to worry about every month is picking up her flea, tick and worm medicine.

AND . . . . we can now head back to the Kingsport Greenbelt for our morning runs. I really missed getting that 30-minutes of fresh air a few times a week.

Life will now become normal again . . .

Good ending

Yesterday was nuts.

Well, let’s rewind, it all started the night before around 11 p.m.

Jason and I were snuggled close on the couch when Leo appeared and laid with us. This is the first time he has laid with me since we brought our puppy home.

Well things changed drastically after this.

Out cat Leo, who we have had since 2010, started to get sick. This of course happens from time to time with hairballs, but never to this extent. He kept throwing up, to the point where it was just stomach vile.

With deep concern, we all finally went to sleep hoping for the best after the vomiting subsided. As we all got situated in bed, yes Jason and I are accompanied by our puppy Lucy and other cat Kimber, every night, I spotted Leo laying on the ground between the wall and our bed. I’ve never seen him lay here before.

I scratched a few of his favorite spots and then put a blanket next to him on the floor.

I soon fell asleep to the quite breathing of Jason next to me.

Lucy woke me up early yesterday morning, 5:45. This is unusual for her. So, we went outside, so she could go, came back in and she had breakfast.

After Jason left for work, Leo jumped in my lap and cuddled close. Ever since we got Lucy in April he hasn’t snuggled with me. I enjoyed every minute, well until Lucy wanted to take his spot.

As soon as he jumped down, Leo started getting sick again. This kept on going on and off until around 11:30 yesterday morning.

My concern deepened with my heart heavy. Leo was exhausted by this point. He finally settled down and fell asleep.

After talking to Jason, I made an appointment at Banfield,  the same place we take Lucy. Unfortunately we couldn’t get him in until 3:15 that afternoon. I was so worried, I could barely concentrate on my work.

Jason came home on his break and helped me take Leo to the vet. I love this man so much for coming all the way home. My emotions were frazzled by this point and I didn’t want to take Leo by myself, especially without a cat carrier.

So after waiting a while after we got there, the vet finally saw him. She said he looked really good and without some extensive testing she wouldn’t know for sure, but it might have just been a rather large hairball that he was struggling to get rid of.

With both of us fearing the worst,  this was good news. Jason drove Leo home as I paid the bill and made another appointment for him.

Words cannot describe how much that meant to me. Jason works a good 40-45 minutes away from home. When I told him thank you, his simple response was “that’s what I do.” I love this man so much.

After he left to go back to work, Leo started acting a little more like himself. He even ate some food. Since I knew there wasn’t anything major wrong with him, I finally left the house with Lucy in tow.

I had to get rid of the stress of the day and give some one-on-one time to Lucy. So we went to our favorite place the Kingsport Greenbelt. It felt so good to be outdoors for an evening run.

Shortly after we starting running, we came to a stop when I saw four deer crossing the path a little ways before us. How cool is that? I love spotting animals in nature. I of course tried to take a picture, but with a puppy that doesn’t sit still it came out rather blurry.


We kept going, until Lucy spotted our favorite place. This is where we stopped and took a break.

After some exploring, we were on the path once again heading back to our starting point.

We ran 2.48 miles going from 1147 in elevation to 1236.

This run was exactly what I needed, what we needed. So, feeling satisfied, we drove back home to wait for Jason to come home from work.

Yesterday shined some light on our relationship once again. There’s not anything this man won’t do for me and all of our pets. How did I get so lucky?  I’m so glad our paths crossed again.

I’m happy to say Leo never got sick again after returning home from the vet. He’s been talking up a storm today.

Oh, our life is back to normal.

Now to get some writing done, so I can hopefully go to the gym this afternoon.

One healthy puppy

I am beyond thrilled to say that our puppy Lucy is healthy. I’ve been worried since she arrived, especially since we know absolutely nothing about her parents, where she came from and how long she was wandering outside.

IMG_1548We took Lucy to the vet this morning and she did fantastic. She let out a couple little yelps when she was getting her vaccinations, but other than that she was beyond good. This little pup was really calm considering everything that was done to her.

It was interesting to see Lucy gravitate towards Jason between all the poking. She would walk over to me until I picked her up and then eventually crawled from my lap to Jason’s. This man of mine not only knows how to calm me down, but he has that calming effect on Lucy as well. She instantly curled up and closed her eyes.

I did not feel nervous, or anxious, but my puppy sure knew.

The vet said Lucy is a terrier schnauzer mix and based on her teeth she is about 13-weeks old.

After all our information was put into the computer Jason put her on the scale to see how much she weighs . . . 5.9 pounds. I knew she was tiny, but wow, she’s really tiny. She has a wonderful appetite though, so I’m sure in the next three weeks that scale will read more.

All her exams came back normal and she had four vaccine’s done, which made me feel good. My little puppy now is on a wellness plan to keep her healthy. No more wondering if she is okay. Now that we have vaccinations underway and received the first dosage of flee and worm medicine, she can definitely go on some hikes with us.

We now she is capable of going with us after her first adventure a few nights ago.

We took her for a walk on the Kingsport Greenbelt Saturday night and she was amazing. I forgot how much fun it was to go on a walk with a dog.  I don’t think she once walked while we went along the path and in the grass. It was cute to see her excited about exploring a new area. Often times she had me jogging to keep up with her pace. Once we got home, I gave her a bath and she curdled up in her little bed and instantly passed out. We wore her out.

It’s still sometimes hard to believe we are puppy owners. It’s surreal really. This little peanut and her sibling found us and we were able to give her a home. I love how everything eventually fell into place; that we were able to provide her a home that she deserves.

Her brother is still doing well and will be going to his new home next week. I met his owner the other day when Jason and I stopped by his house with Lucy. He is so incredibly laid back and very easy to get along with. He is already talking about fencing in his huge back yard for the little pup. I’m sure this little puppy will be very happy.

Lucy is such a smart little girl. She now knows three tricks – sit, up and down. Although we are still working on laying down and standing up, she knows sit really well. We have also been extremely successful with potty training. She no longer has accidents in the house! Lucy and I have been on a good routine. I take her out every one to two hours, depending on how long she naps for and she goes every time. You have no idea how exciting this is . . . I was starting to wonder early on because the accidents were so frequent.

This puppy has filled my heart with so much joy in such a short amount of time. I absolutely love having her with me all day. Even when Jason’s home, she finds where I am and lays close. At night, she sleeps with us, which I know probably isn’t a good habit to start, but it works just fine. She crawls under, yes, under the covers as soon as we lay down and stays there until she is ready to wake up.

This morning she started to gently kick my legs with her paws, so I moved the blanket from over her and she crawled onto my chest and then onto my pillow. She laid on her back as our noses were almost touching, so I could scratch her chest. This is one of her absolute favorite things . . . you need to calm her down, scratch and rub her chest and it works every time.

She is incredibly sweet first thing in the morning. Lucy always puts a smile on my face first thing, which is a great way to start the day.

Lucy filled a void I did not know was there . . . .