The first issue

Last night before going to bed Jason noticed that the water heater in the downstairs half bath was leaking. Yep, there was a good amount of water around the bottom of the heater. So, we put a towel down and sent an email to our landlord.

And our first issue at our new home begins …

This morning she sent me a text saying she was going to stop by and check it all out. Luckily she stopped when Jason came back with another truck load of our stuff, so he could tell her what was going on and help set a plan into motion.

It was crazy for a few hours … Charter was here hooking up cable, internet and phone, as our landlord was talking to a good friend of ours from Florida about what could be wrong with the water heater. It turned out that the entire thing had to be replaced.

So, unfortunately our day of getting organized did not turn out as we had planned.

Jason has spent the majority of the afternoon, well night too, draining the water from the water heater and getting the new one ready to take the old ones place. I’m happy to say, the new one is now in the bathroom waiting for installment.

I love how Jason dives into the jobs and gets it done. He is a trooper that is for sure. Two days of moving and now replacing a heater, he just keeps on going.

Although it was our first obstacle, it was easy working with our landlord. She’s a very easy person to deal with and an easy to talk to as well.

On a good note …

Tonight while Jason was working his magic, I went back to our old apartment to grab a few small things. That drive into the old complex made me really appreciate where we live now. Instead of living in a complex of more than 200 units, we now live on a little hill with three neighbors, yep THREE! It’s private, quite and homey.

I really like our townhouse.

I absolutely love having an office! I had my first phone interview and really enjoyed knowing I was sitting at my desk in my very own room. Although I set up some of my office, I still have a little more to go to make it my own.

Yesterday and today have been crazy, hopefully the rest of the week tones down a little bit.