This morning Jason woke me up as the sun was rising, so we could see more of Kingsport covered in snow. He’s so good to me, on his day off he woke up much earlier than on the days he works, just so I could see the sunrise.

It was beautiful, oranges filled the sky as the sun slowly made its way up. I don’t know if it was the sunrise that made me smile, or that the sun was actually making an appearance today.

IMG_1025After driving downtown, Jason took me to one of my favorite spots, the Kingsport Greenbelt.

One of the ducks was laying in the snow, which instantly made me cold. IMG_1033

Every time I see and hear the ducks it takes me back to when I lived on the farm in Illinois. Mom had a duck, pure white, named Matilda. It used to lay on the pool cover in the winter and talk to Mom all the time. So Mom, you consumed my thoughts this  morning, you were with me as I watched the ducks do their thing.

Shortly after I spotted the first duck on the bank, I heard quite a few more chatting as the swam. A cluster slowly made its way down to where I was standing, sinking in the snow.

IMG_1034Part of Reedy Creek was frozen on the Greenbelt this morning, which only reminded me just how cold it was outside. It was really pretty to see snow around the creek and on the trees. Another beautiful moment created by this Winter Storm Leon.

IMG_1026  IMG_1027  IMG_1030  IMG_1031 IMG_1028Since we don’t have boots and I was only wearing my running shoes, my toes started to get really cold. I took a few more pictures before heading back to Jason’s warm car.




I’m glad Jason woke us up early so we could see more of the snow that swept through the area yesterday. That same quietness that I heard last night, surrounded me again as I stood by the creek this morning. As the sun made its way through the trees, the white glistened, promising a beautiful day. A spray of snow started to sweep off the trees as the sun began to melt what accumulated on the branch, creating another beautiful sight to see.

I’m glad Jason and I moved to the mountains and got to experience the seasons this year. The fall was absolutely breathtaking with the change of colors and the winter, well I still don’t know how to put into words the beauty that it holds, that white coverage.

When we arrived back home, Jason’s car said -2 . . . yep this Florida girl had enough of the cold for a couple of hours. I think I might just admire the view from the windows of our warm home for a little bit.

Surrounded by quiet

My mom asked me the other day if it seems quieter with snow on the ground. Tonight as I stood on the front porch, I was engulfed by the quiet as I admired the view of snow. IMG_1016

It’s hard to explain how peaceful it is looking at snow. All of the noise seemed to disappear as I stood there in the extremely cold temperatures. That’s another thing, I had three layers on, a hat and gloves and I didn’t notice how cold I was until I snapped that last picture. I was mesmerized, the snow was almost twinkling as the light cascaded off the pure white.

Jason came out with me at first, but since I had his jacket on, he quickly went back inside.

That’s when I was completely engulfed, lost in my own thoughts.

IMG_1019As the snow slowly comes to a stop, Jason said we got about 5 inches of snow in some parts of the property today.

All I want to do is explore more, take more pictures and capture this first true snow storm of ours in Tennessee.

I would have walked around to the back of our townhouse, but when Jason said some parts had 5 inches of snow, I figured I better wait until the morning.

I hope to wake up as the sun comes up to see how the light plays on the snow that has now covered everything.

Although I was stuck at home for the majority of the day, I was extremely entertained by the snow. I’m glad I work from home and have the option of doing phone interviews, or email interviews for that point.

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, what kind of new memories I can capture for Jason and I to look back on when talking about our first winter in Tennessee.




Snowflakes landing on my eyelashes

When Jason came into the bedroom this morning to kiss me goodbye before leaving for work, he asked if I had to go anywhere. Well, the gym of course. Unfortunately, he told me it would be better if I stayed home for the day because we were supposed to get a lot of snow.

Winter Storm Leon made its presence know today in the tri-cities area.

I got up and looked out the window a little after 8 this IMG_0991morning, sure enough the snow was already starting to accumulate. Every time I stole a glimpse out the window, the snow continued.

When I walked downstairs to start my lunch, I figured yep, it would be better if I stayed home for the day. The snow was not going to let up at all.

Jason took my car to work on Saturday because he had a flat tire. He couldn’t make it up the driveway in my car, due to the hill that pretty much goes straight up when he got home later that night.

After he made it through the front door, warmed up a little, the both of us walked down the driveway to my car to move it, just in case one of our neighbors came home. So since we were there, Jason tried one last time to get my car to the top of the hill.

I have to say just sitting in the passenger seat spooked me enough to stay home on days like today.

So my car sat at the end of the driveway that night and poor Jason had to walk through the snow down the driveway the next morning to get to the car.

After I spent all  morning and pretty much all afternoon in my office looking out the window, I decided to go outside once I completed all of my work.

IMG_0982Throughout the day I would catch the cats sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window. Every once in a while both of them perked up as their heads tracked down whatever was outside. Sure enough it was a pair of robins playing around in the branches. I tried multiple times to get a picture as it sat perched on the branch. Unfortunately this was the best I could do.

IMG_0992I don’t know what it is about the fences around the driveway, but I love taking pictures of the top and the bottom when there is snow. I guess it’s because of the white back drop between the posts and the snow that gathers between.

IMG_1003The bottom of the fence is pretty cool to photograph, just because you can see how high the snow has piled.

I always try to find new things around our home to photograph, but there are a few things that I have to capture every time I walk out doors.

IMG_1004This picture I like because the snow was starting to pile up on the post towards the bottom.

Yep, I’m enjoying our first true snow day.

It’s after 7 p.m. and the snow is still falling. This is my first all day snow since I was a little girl.

When Jason came home from work this afternoon, we both sat on the couch with our faces close to the window, butt in the air,staring out the window like two little kids. It’s beautiful when the big snowflakes fall.

IMG_0990 The contrast in this picture caught my attention, the brown with snow sitting in the leaf. IMG_0993 Same with this picture, the white stands out as it puts weight on the leaves.

The next six pictures are my favorite from today. Yep, you guessed it, snow on the trees. Beautiful!







As I was standing outside taking pictures of the trees, snowflakes started hitting my eyelashes, which of course made me giggle. I had another snow moment for the day. Jason’s coat was covered in snow by the time I walked back indoors and I was frozen. Although the snow is gorgeous, I’m not a big fan of the teens, it’s just way too cold.

After relaxing for a little bit after Jason got home, we left and headed to the grocery store. All in all the streets in Kingsport were not bad. We noticed a good amount of people out walking around taking the new white scenery in.

It’s something to see, 3 1/2 to 4 inches of snow.

The best part about our trip to the store was the drive back. Once we turned on our street, Jason turned on his bright lights and the snowflakes came to life, all different sizes, as they hit the windshield. We both looked at each other and smiled.

Since Jason has tomorrow off, we too will be heading out and hitting a couple of our favorite spots around town, so I can take some more pictures.